High Limit Online Roulette

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Whether you are a traditionalist looking for European Roulette or French Roulette, or fancy trying a different version such Rockin' Roulette or 3D Roulette, you are sure to find something to enjoy.

High Stakes Roulette
High Stakes Blackjack

High Stakes

Blackjack is popular because not only is it easy to learn, but when played according to a pre-determined strategy it can often be one of the most profitable games available to a player in terms of a low house advantage.

High Stakes Blackjack
High Limit Slots

High Stakes

When it comes to the potential for large and even life-changing jackpots, nothing in the casino beats the slots. Just one spin of the reels can instantly increase your bankroll or lead to those dreamed-of riches.

High Stakes Slots
High Stakes Online Poker Games

High Stakes

Poker comes in two categories. One covers casino poker games like Caribbean Poker and Jacks or Better, whilst the other involves playing against real opponents to win the pot rather than competing against the casino.

High Stakes Poker

VIP Player Benefits

Our VIP players enjoy many rewards and bonuses

Players who wager large amounts will soon qualify for VIP status, able to enjoy all the benefits associated with their new elevated standing. At some online casinos this may mean they get a little one-off bonus or something, but here the rewards for being a VIP player are comprehensive and significant.

For starters, VIP players enjoy much higher deposit limits than non-VIPs. So many wealthy individuals looking to gamble in an online casino are frustrated because their bankroll is limited by the lowly amount they can deposit. Players can deposit higher amounts as they move up through the VIP levels, with up to £60,000 PER TRANSACTION available to top VIPs. This, combined with the high table limits, enables those looking to play high limit roulette, blackjack, baccarat or other casino games the ability to do so with an appropriately sized bankroll.

VIPs also enjoy generous promotions and bonuses only available to VIP status players, including a VIP welcome bonus, a weekly appreciation reward, additional VIP bonuses and bankroll boosts, birthday gift, monthly lucky dip prize and a 50% higher comp point conversion rate. These comp points can either be converted into cash, or used to purchase luxury items (see "VIP Loyalty Superstore" below).

Ever had to deal with a company where you spoke to a different person every time you contact them, and had to introduce yourself and explain the situation each time? Wouldn't it be so much better if you had a personalised account manager who could answer your queries, not to mention contacting you with invitations to major sporting events, concerts and tickets to 5-star destinations? Well, this is precisely what happens with our VIP players, who each get a personal account manager available for any account related queries such as games related, technical queries, deposits, bonuses, cashouts, promotions, events, etc. Now that's service.

Of course, the main reason for being a VIP at an online casino is for the ability to bet big. You want to play for high stakes, and so need table maximums which can accommodate your wager. VIP live dealer blackjack games for example feature maximums of £15,000 per hand with the ability to play three hands at once. This means you can wager up to £45,000 per round playing live dealer online blackjack.

Much Higher Deposit Limits

Aside from table maximums, the other factor which can severely stifle an individual's ability to play online casino games for large amounts of money is low deposit limits.

It is all very well for a high stakes internet casino to offer roulette or blackjack games with high limits, only for players to be limited by the amount they can deposit and never have the ability to get anywhere near those table maximum bets, or have to deposit a small amount every day for weeks in order to build up a large enough bankroll. This can be a particular problem for many online casino sites, especially when they only offer a vary limited number of deposit methods.

Our VIP players are able to deposit the large amounts needed for high stakes gambling. A VIP can deposit up to £60,000 per single transaction, which means an extremely large amount of money can be deposited per day/month, particularly when utilising multiple deposit methods.

Deposit limits vary depending upon the level of the player (Standard VIP, Gold VIP, Platinum VIP or Diamond VIP), with higher limits available as players move up through the various VIP stages. If you are a VIP player and want to find out what your deposit limits would be when you move up to the next level, please contact your account manager who will be happy to assist you.

VIP Promotions and Rewards

Players are the lifeblood of any casino, whether a land-based casino or an internet one. Without them a casino would not be in business, and so for this reason it is vitally important that they are looked after. Whilst all players are important, high rollers who play for high stakes and wager large amounts of money with the casino are particularly special.

Along with the other benefits mentioned in this section, those attaining VIP status will be rewarded with many other benefits including:

  • A VIP welcome bonus

  • Higher comp point conversion rate

  • Invitations to major sporting events, concerts, and trips to destinations such as Las Vegas

  • VIP casino players also receive frequent deposit match bonuses and other promotions such as free slot machine spins or entry into a raffle to win great prizes or bankroll bonuses.

    These online casino bonuses get better and better the higher level of VIP status you are, so the more you play the more you are rewarded.

    For more information on your VIP bonuses and rewards, please contact your personal account manager.

    Personal VIP Account Manager

    A significant benefit of being a VIP status casino is having a dedicated account manager who is your individual point of contact, able to respond to questions and answer queries. Whilst the customer support team is there for all players, having a personal account manager can be highly beneficial.

    VIP account managers are on hand to answer any questions such as those related to the casino games, technical queries, deposits, bonuses, cashouts, promotions, events, etc. They will be your single point of contact for queries, which can be a big help if a little back and forth communication is needed, as you will be dealing with the same person each time rather than having to explain the situation all over again to somebody new who answers your latest call or email.

    The personal account manager is in touch with his or her VIP members regularly, invites them to events and many times will meet with them personally should the player wish.

    The VIP account manager is there as much or as little as you need them. Some players will be quite happy left to their own devices and not want to utilise the support of the VIP manager, whereas for others they will be in regular contact. It is entirely up to you, but it is always re-assuring to know that your personal VIP account manager is always on hand should you need them.

    VIP Loyalty Superstore

    The amount of money wagered, combined with the increased comp bonus points awarded to VIP players, means that VIP players will quickly begin building up a significant number of points. Whilst these can be converted into cash to add to your bankroll, some players prefer a more tangible reward...

    This is where the VIP Loyalty Superstore comes in. It is packed with products which can be exchanged for your comp points, and not just any products either. Items include:

  • Football shirts signed by players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Sergio Aguero

  • Watches by Rolex, Gucci etc.

  • Jewellery by Cartier, Swarovski etc.

  • Bags and accessories by Louis Vuitton, Ted Baker etc.

  • Electronics and Gadgets by Apple, Sony etc.

  • Designer Sunglasses

  • Poker and Casino Products

  • ... plus many other products besides. And, as part of the VIP service, if there is an item which you would like but is not in the store, you can simply request it to be added.
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    High Limit Gambling

    High Limit Online Casino Gambling

    The majority of online casinos will offer limits which would be acceptable for most players, but for those wealthy individuals these amounts will provide little of the excitement that comes with wagering a large amount. The thrill of losing is what makes the winning in a casino so exhilarating, whether it be on the internet in an online casino or playing in person at a land-based casino. But these amounts have to actually mean something for it to matter to a person. Wealth is all relative, and what would be considered a large amount of money to one person may be little more than loose change to another. Rather than looking for people to wager large amounts that they cannot really afford to lose, High Stakes Casino.co.uk is here to provide affluent individuals who wish to play casino games for high stakes the opportunity to do so.

    All of the most popular casino games can be found here, each offering generous high betting limits for players. Playing in the live dealer casino on games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and casino hold 'em poker offers even higher limits for those looking to try and win big and like to see the action unfolding in front of them via video link.

    How to Play

    How to Play Casino Games

    Use the links below to view the objectives and information on how to play some of the most popular casino games such as roulette and blackjack. These guides are by no means definitive, but rather provide an overview of the main aspects of how to play the various games.

    Before playing for high stakes, or indeed any amount of real money in the online casino, it is essential to practice and really familiarise yourself with the rules and how to play, otherwise you are prone to make a mistake and may end up losing a lot of your hard-earned cash by doing something that could have been avoided.

    How to Play Blackjack How to Play Roulette

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