Classic Blackjack

Play Classic Blackjack for maximums of £150 per hand, rising to £2,000 per hand for VIP players

It is a well-known mathematical fact that the fewer decks used in a game of blackjack, the lower the house edge, meaning that a player has a better chance of beating the casino and coming away from the tables with more money than they sat down with. Our classic blackjack game featured just four decks, rather than the six which are used in the muti hand blackjack and American blackjack games.

The Classic Blackjack game is ideal for those who only wish to play and concentrate on one hand at a time, rather than playing up to five which is possible in the blackjack games mentioned above. It is blackjack in its purest form; a single player pitting their hand and skill one-on-one against the dealer's hand. No having to worry about five hands at a time, no having to wait for other players at the table to make a decision as there is in live dealer blackjack... just quick and simple, win or lose, single hand blackjack action.

Classic Blackjack Wagering Limits

Table maximums are lower than our other online blackjack games. The maximums for Classic Blackjack begin at £150 per hand, but rise to £2,000 per hand for VIP status players who wish to play the four deck Classic Blackjack game.

Play Blackjack for Higher Limits

Non-VIP players can play blackjack games for high stakes straight away by playing the Multi Hand or American Blackjack games. Initial maximums for these two games are £3,000 per single hand, with a total of £15,000 per round when playing all five hands.

For those high rollers who truly wish to play online blackjack for high limits, the live dealer blackjack games provide the perfect opportunity. The highest stake tables have maximums of £15,000 per single hand, with the option to play up to three hands at once, each with this £15,000 maximum. The ability to place bets on side bet features also means that our live dealer blackjack players can wager close to £50,000 per round of blackjack.

To get started playing Classic Blackjack, or indeed any of the other blackjack games, please click on the "Enter Casino" button at the top of the page.

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