High Stakes Roulette

Any high stakes casino should feature roulette games, and we are proud to have a variety of high stakes roulette games available, with limits ranging up to a maximum of £2,000 per spin for VIP members on certain games, and an incredible £40,000 per spin when playing live dealer roulette.

Whether you are a traditionalist looking for European Roulette or French Roulette, or fancy trying a different version such Rockin' Roulette or 3D Roulette, you are sure to find something to enjoy.

For those who enjoy roulette, there is little which can beat the thrill that comes with the sound of the small white ball settling on the wheel and the anticipation of knowing your fate as to whether you have won on this spin. And with up to £2,000 per spin of real money riding on it, there will be more anticipation than usual!

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino, and is so for a number of reasons:

  • Although there are certain bets which can be a little tricky to get your head around, there are also extremely simple ones such as red/black, odd/even etc, not to mention the high-risk-high-reward option of single number bets. All a player has to do is place their chips - virtual or otherwise - onto the table, let the croupier spin the wheel, and that is pretty much all there is to it! This simplicity is one of the fundamental reasons for roulette being so popular amongst all gamblers, as it can be enjoyed by anyone who hasn't the inclination to learn a complex game. Also (although some will argue), because roulette is a game of pure chance there is no strategy to learn as there will be for a game like video poker.

  • Roulette outcomes are determined in seconds. Whilst this can be a bad thing, particularly for those playing high limit roulette who find their bankroll diminishing at a rapid rate if they go a few spins without winning any money, it does mean that a player knows their fate within a few moments without having to wait and go through a convoluted sequence of events or play out a hand before knowing if they have won or not.

  • Whilst the long term odds of roulette may not be as favourable as certain other casino games, on a single spin a person can double their money in a few seconds on pretty much a 50/50 bet by choosing red/black or odd/even, although the actual odds are slightly worse than this thanks to the presence of either one or two zero slots depending upon which version of roulette you are playing.

  • Roulette is often a sociable game. Although this won't really apply to those playing online roulette, in a casino the players often chat amongst each other as well as their friends/relatives/family members who have accompanied them out to the casino. This differs to games like blackjack where concentration is required in order to follow a correct strategy, and means roulette can appeal to those who like to socialise whilst playing in the casino. In fact, a roulette table is only second to a craps table in terms of noise and raucousness.

  • Playing Roulette in an Online Casino

    In most online casinos, those wishing to bet a lot of money whilst playing roulette would often be left disappointed as frustratingly-low bet limits left them feeling unfulfilled as the low stakes would fail to excite them. But with such high limits at our casino, the pulse will certainly be racing whilst high rollers play high stakes roulette and bet a meaningful amount of chips.

    High Roller Roulette

    A high roller looking to play high limit roulette will not only want to wager an amount which is meaningful to them and provides the excitement that comes with casino games such as roulette, but they will also want to be reassured that the game is completely fair, something which is difficult to verify for the majority of internet casinos. Not only do the £2,000 spin roulette games conform to the strictest standards using the renowned MD5 Random Number Generator (RNG) and the payout percentages independently audited by eCOGRA, but those wishing to play roulette for really high limits can do so in the live casino and see the ball actually landing on the real before their eyes (see below).

    Live Dealer Roulette

    Whether you wish to see the ball landing rather than relying on a Random Number Generator, or prefer to play casino games such as roulette or blackjack in a live dealer casino, we have it all covered. Use the interactive roulette table to place your bets, then sit back and watch as the live dealer spins the wheel and releases the ball.

    Once you have signed up and logged-in to the casino, simply choose your preferred option to go straight to the table and begin playing.

    As with all live dealer casino games, being able to see the action unfold live in front of you makes the whole experience much more like gambling in a real casino rather than sat in front of a computer. The introduction of live dealer roulette has enabled people from all over the world to enjoy playing roulette from the comfort of their own home whilst still being able to get the sense of actually being in a casino environment.

    Not only does live dealer online roulette over the internet provide a greater sense of realism to heighten the enjoyment levels, but when playing roulette for high stakes, being able to see the ball land rather than take the word of a computer programme gives a tremendous amount of reassurance to those playing for high limits, as indeed it does to everyone no matter how much money they are wagering! Our live dealer online roulette games have a maximum betting limit of £40,000 per spin of the wheel, and as such being able to see the actual outcome of the game is an essential consideration for those high rollers wishing to wager this sort of money on online roulette.

    High Limit European Roulette

    Many online casinos will promote high table limits for their roulette games, but then you find out that it is just for the less popular American Roulette version of the game, which has much worse odds for the player, and subsequently a greater likelihood of the house winning your money, thanks to the presence of the double zero on the wheel. At our high limit casino however players can enjoy the much better odds of the European version of roulette which does not include the double zero, for the same high limit of £40,000 per spin in the live dealer European Roulette games, or £2,000 per spin maximum in the animated games. With less possible outcomes, the odds of choosing a winning number are increased.

    Play High Stakes Roulette

    So click on the "Play Now!" button at the top of the screen and be playing high stakes roulette, either as a table game with sumptuous visual graphics and sound or in the live casino, in just a few moments.

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