A High Limit Online Casino Versus a Real One

A man enjoying himself in a real land-based casino

Since the advent of the online casino there has raged an argument over whether one is better than the other.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and whilst the majority of people will enjoying playing at both, there will always be others who will vehemently claim that one or the other is definitely better, and in all likelihood will only ever play at one type of casino.

Both types of casino will provide experiences and benefits that the other version cannot offer. For example, those players who enjoy playing roulette where they are surrounded by others players and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the action will only find this in a "real" bricks-and-mortar casino as it is difficult to replicate in an online casino. Whilst the development of live dealer roulette has added an extra dimension of realism to online roulette to make it more like actually being there, it is still a rather solitary and lonely experience devoid of that gambling atmosphere.

Live Dealer High Limit Gambling Online

Whilst it may be safer in terms of not having to carry around large amounts of cash through the street, playing for high limits in an online casino often made many players worry as to the legitimacy and fairness of the games. With Random Number Generators determining the result of the game, many players would be wary of wagering for large amounts online when they had to take the computer's word for it that they had not won!

This all changed though with the introduction of live dealer online casinos which enabled players to actually see the result of the game. Now they can see the ball land on an actual roulette wheel or see real cards being turned over by a dealer in blackjack and can see for themselves whether they have won or not. This has proven to be a tremendous development for the online gambling industry as players are much more willing to bet large amounts as no amount of text descriptions about the fairness of the games and sophistication of the Random Number Generator software can be as reassuring as actually seeing the result unfold upon the screen.

5 Things That are Important When Deciding on a High Limit Casino

Before joining a high stakes casino, you should conduct rigorous scrutiny. There are crucial factors to take into account, like game quality and banking options.

Choosing a high stakes casino is a daunting endeavour. You get the added thrill of gambling by risking more funds.

It is difficult to choose a casino to play high stakes casino games, especially in this day and age. There are so many casinos that it is difficult to choose one where you can play high stakes roulette, high stakes slots or high stakes blackjack.

The choice is even more challenging when choosing a high limit online casino in which to play high limit casino games, such as high limit online blackjack, high limit online roulette and high limit online slots.

If you are going to be playing high limit slots or high limit roulette, then you need to choose a high-quality casino. Despite the endless array of casinos, you can distil the number by focusing on the following factors:

1. Availability

If you are going to be playing high limit casino games, then the high stakes casino will have to be readily available to you. This applies especially to online casinos.

It would be a wasted effort to research a casino extensively only to discover that they do not accept players from your country. All casinos will have a list on their website of the regions, territories or countries whose players they do not accept.

Availability often pertains to regulations and licenses. Having a casino licensed in your country should also help curb rogue casinos seeking to take advantage of players.

Therefore, before you join a high stakes casino, you should ensure that it accepts players from your country or region or else risk losing a significant amount of money.

2. Games and Gaming Providers

If you are going to join a high limit online casino and risk a significant amount of money, then you had better do so while playing the best games the industry has to offer. The games are the reason why you joined the casino in the first place.

You will often find casinos tooting their own horn regarding the number of games they have on their site. However, if you are going to join a high stakes casino, then you would be better choosing quality over quantity.

You should also check the type of games they have. Variety should be assured even when it comes to live dealer games.

You should also evaluate high limit casinos based on the type of gaming providers providing their games. There are names that stand out in the industry. Having multiple software providers is also recommended.

3. Bonuses and Promotions

If you are going to join a high stakes casino to play high limit slots and high limit roulette, then they had better have some amazing bonuses and promotions starting with the welcome bonus. Every gambler likes to make a little extra money when playing in a casino and considering how much you are risking; you should make as much as possible.

The wagering requirements also need to be good for the player. The lower the wagering requirements, the faster you can earn a higher bonus.

The promotions a high limit casino offer should also include rewards after gaining your welcome bonus. The best casinos will usually have running promotions.

4. Reputation

A casino should have an immaculate reputation. Luckily with online casinos, there is more of a community than with traditional ones, where you can check a casino’s reputation.

Casino review sites are a great place to check a casino’s reputation and so are casino watchdog sites. The thing to keep in mind is that even the best casinos may have blemishes, but their reputation should be clearly defined.

Reputation and customer service typically go hand in hand. Choose a high limit online casino with excellent customer service.

5. Payment Methods

A high stakes casino where you can enjoy a game of high limit blackjack should have as many banking options as possible. The more payment methods there are, the more funds you can deposit into and withdraw from your account.

A casino with a quick withdrawal process can help you promptly access your winnings. For high limit online casinos, the maximum withdrawal limit should be high since for depositing substantial sums.

Playing High Stakes Roulette Online Without Worrying About Others Stealing

Whilst casino chips can come in extremely large denominations in luxurious casinos across the world, in the vast majority of casinos they will deal primarily in smaller denominations. Whilst they may have high table limits, the chip denominations may be quite low as that is what the majority of the gamblers in the venue will be using and so there will usually be little call for high value chips.

As a result a high roller playing a game like roulette for high limits may find themselves with a rather large stack of chips which they need to protect. Whilst they will be given specific colour coded chips to allow the croupier to distinguish between players with regards to who has wagered what and where on the board to enable them to correctly payout on winning bets, the player will still need to keep their large amount of other chips somewhere, which will usually be in their pockets or at the side of the table in front of where they are seated.

No Need to Watch Chips in an Online Casino

Roulette tables are often crowded and noisy places, and it will be all too easy for a player to find that chips have gone missing from their pocket or from right under their nose as they were looking elsewhere or reaching over to place a bet on the board during spins of the wheel. This is especially likely if the casino is not used to accommodating high rollers or VIP players and the chips which the player has are far in excess of what other players in the casino have. Sometimes temptation makes people do strange things, and a high roller with abnormally-large amounts of chips can stick out and be a tempting target.

Fortunately though theft from other players is not an issue in an online casino as bankroll amounts are digital figures rather than physical chips with a value. This means that there is no risk of being pickpocketed or having them stolen by another person nearby. Everybody is safe, from the person with a few dollars to those with a bankroll of a million, and is obviously a significant advantage for those playing casino games for high limits such as high stakes roulette online as they can concentrate on the game without having to worry about somebody taking their chips and having to keep a watchful eye on their stack at all times as they have to in a real casino.