Etiquette in a High Limit Online Casino

Online high limit gambling casino chips concept

One issue which can put off many players from daring to enter the high limit area of a casino is the fear of making a mistake or doing something wrong.

They feel that even though they have the financial means to play for high stakes and, just as importantly, are willing to do so by wagering big, they are reluctant to do so and instead prefer to stay in the general public area of the casino where their much higher limit betting compared to others in that particular gaming area attracts attention, some of which might be unwelcome in the form of unrequested gambling advice.

No Need to Worry About Etiquette in an Online Casino

Although it can seem intimidating at first, in reality a high limit area of a casino is fairly identical to the rest of the casino, the only exceptions likely to be slightly fancier decor and, most obvious, much higher minimum and maximum table stake limits. Ironically, far from being intimidating, players in a high limit area may actually be friendlier and more welcoming to a fellow high roller rather than having to put up with "general public" and that annoying person who likes to proffer all kinds of advice or thinks that they are a gambling expert because they won what to them is a large amount.

Even so, it is reassuring to know that there is no formal etiquette or anything to fear when playing in a high limit online casino as it is likely to be identical. As there are not limited spaces available at a blackjack table for example like there is a land-based casino, an online casino player can "sit" at a virtual table which simply has stakes ranging from extremely low stakes to extremely high. There is no need to separate the tables into many different stake denominations. Whilst the higher upper limits may be reserved for VIP online casino players who have already wagered a certain large amount with the casino and/or have completed certain financial checks, the majority of players will find that table limits for non-VIPs are still far in excess of any maximum bet they will ever place at a single time.

No Need to Dress Up for a High Limit Online Casino!

The following statement will either be a blessing or a letdown depending upon your view on the matter: There is no need to dress up when visiting a high limit online casino as there would be if you were gambling in a posh, swanky casino such as that at Monte Carlo for example. Whilst for some this will be a disappointment as they have no need to get dressed up in their finest attire, for others it will be a great relief as this requirement to dig out their suit or finest dress often proved an annoyance and a barrier to them getting straight into the blackjack action.

A Casino Dress Code Can Sometimes be an Issue for Players

Although many physical casinos may have a relaxed attitude towards the dress code for their patrons, taking the view that having them inside spending their money playing the games takes precedence over how they look - particularly those in popular gambling resorts such as Las Vegas - for others, particularly the ones where limits are higher, a dress code is strictly enforced. Having gamblers who are dressed in tuxedos and designer dresses is all part of the image for a high stakes casino where wealthy individuals go to wager their lavish stacks of cash. Having it filled with people in T-shirts and trainers will somehow not create the same impression.

Fortunately those playing in an internet casino for high limits do not have such fashion concerns, and can enjoy playing high stakes roulette in their pyjamas, t-shirt, sports gear or can still dress up in their suit to play if they so desire. The fact that nobody else can see you is just one reason why some people much prefer gambling in an online casino than having to dress up and travel to a bricks-and-mortar one in the next town over. Whilst a large number will still enjoy the VIP experience felt through playing in a posh casino where everyone is dressed in expensive clothes, an internet casino gives them the opportunity to play quickly and conveniently for high stakes without having to worry about how they look compared to others. For many an online casino will not replace dressing up and visiting an actual casino; it merely provides an additional alternative method of gambling and enjoying their favourite casino games for large amounts of money.

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Phones, Real Casinos and Online Casinos

In today's society it is an extremely common sight to look around a busy room and see people using their mobile phones, either calling, texting or playing a game. The advance of technology combined with faster mobile internet speeds has meant that mobile phones can now do more than ever, and as such are consuming more and more of our time and attention. Just as in many other situations and environments, casino goers are no exception when it comes to using phones, however there are things to be aware of.

Many Casinos Don't Allow Electronic Devices

Casinos are constantly on the lookout for cheating and security risks of any kind, which means that they can often be strict and uneasy about mobile phone use, or any other electronic device for that matter. Add to this the fact that many people get annoyed and have their enjoyment spoilt by people in the vicinity talking loudly into a mobile phone (probably having to shout in a noisy casino!) and it is no surprise that many will often prohibit the use of a mobile phone on the gaming floor and in certain areas of the casino.

Whilst this may be problematic for those in a real physical casino venue it will not be an issue for those playing in online casinos as they are free to use their phones as much as they wish whilst enjoying the casino games, and as such is just one of many advantages which an online casino has over its land-based rivals. Players need to be wary though that using a phone at the same time as playing a game such as high stakes roulette does not cause them to make a mistake or wager too much, or perhaps too little, than they meant to on a particular number, only to find that they either lose a lot of money or could have won much more had they put their intended bet amount on the number which did indeed come up on the roulette wheel. Texting or talking on a phone can also cause players to not act in time when playing online poker for example which can automatically fold their hand; a particular annoyance if it happened to be a strong one and a likely winner of the pot!

Smoking Permitted in an Online Casino

As the health risks associated with nicotine become more widely known and understood, countries across the world have been steadily introducing smoking bans in enclosed public places, with casinos falling into this category. Whilst there are exceptions for casinos located in certain jurisdictions, the likelihood is that anyone playing in a casino in a country such as the United Kingdom for example will have no choice but to refrain from smoking whilst gambling at the tables and go outside into the designated smoking area when they wish to light up.

Smoking in Casinos

The argument about smoking bans being a good thing or a bad thing has raged for years between smokers and non-smokers, and is unlikely to dissipate any time soon. As far as casinos are concerned, players gambling for high stakes or low limits alike will be treated exactly the same according to legislation, and even if the gambling establishment did wish to allow their VIP gamblers the ability to smoke whilst playing roulette or whilst sat at the slot machine they are prevented to by the law of the land, and would get into a lot of trouble for flouting these laws if they did so!

Fortunately an online casino has no such issues or restrictions, and both smokers and non-smoking players alike can gamble to their heart's content with or without a cigar or cigarette in their hand. This is just one of many advantages that an internet casino has over its land-based counterparts, and can be a deciding factor for those who simply cannot gamble without smoking as a method of steadying their nerves for instance when gambling for high limits. For some the thought of playing high stakes roulette where a lot of money rests on where the ball lands or high limit blackjack where they have to decide whether to hit on sixteen is unthinkable without being able to smoke at the same time!

A Live Dealer Casino is a Possible Solution

Whilst it may not quite provide the same atmosphere as sitting in a smoky casino surrounded by fellow players all smoking too, a live dealer casino can at least replicate to some extent the feeling of being present where the action is taking place, with the ability to smoke at the same time. For those who haven't already given games such as live dealer roulette a try, why not do so now by clicking on the "Enter Casino" button at the top of the page to open an casino account and visiting the live dealer games?

No Annoying Advice in a High Limit Online Casino

Although rare, particularly when playing in a sheltered and dedicated VIP or high limit gambling area of a casino where only those with the necessary financial means are allowed access, there will be cases when those playing casino games for high limits attract unwanted attention in the form of other people giving advice.

High rollers often attract attention when playing in the general section of a casino due to the large amounts which they are wagering. A crowded roulette table where one person is wagering a few hundred or a thousand pounds or dollars whilst everyone else is averaging in the tens will soon attract attention, some of it welcome and possibly even coveted, but in some instances will take the form of others trying to offer advice when it has not been asked for, especially if they have had a few too many of the free drinks on offer in hotel-casino resorts in locations such as Las Vegas.

High Stakes Players Typically Know What They Are Doing

Chances are that those wagering large amounts know what they are doing, and do not want or desire advice from anyone else. Whilst it may be a common tactic in a poker game to try and get under the skin of an opponent to make them make a mistake or give away a tell-tale sign that they are bluffing, for games such as roulette or blackjack a person will often prefer to be left alone with their thoughts to concentrate on their next move rather than somebody else constantly in their ear suggesting they hit and take one more card at blackjack for example. When playing for high stakes, concentration is often even more crucial than a person who is casually playing for a small, recreational amount of money.

One of many advantages which a high limit online casino has though is in the fact that players are not distracted by other people in the room trying to give advice, unless they are friends or relatives who happen to be sat at the computer screen with them of course! Whilst some will miss the atmosphere created by the presence of other gamblers and casino patrons, at least by playing in an online casino players can play at their own pace and without any annoying chit-chat or advice-giving from others.

Gratuities in a High Limit Online Casino Not Necessary

In many casinos and gambling establishments like poker rooms it would be expected for gratuities to be given to casino employees such as the blackjack dealers and drinks staff etc. This is particularly the case in countries where tipping is more prevalent and is necessary for many service staff to supplement their wages in order to bring it to an acceptable level. Workers in the United States for example who work in the service industry will depend upon tips and gratuities, which means visitors to a gambling resort in the US such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City should be prepared to tip frequently.

Large Tips for Big Wins Can Erode Profits

Often gratuities are given roughly as a small percentage of the value of the goods consumed (i.e. the total of the restaurant bill for the waiting staff), or as far as casino dealers are concerned, the higher the table the stakes or the bigger the winnings a player is lucky enough to have then the greater the tip amount. In a high limit online casino where the stakes are high this can often mean that dealers look forward to a very generous tip indeed. It is highly likely that only the best dealers employed by the casino will make it to the VIP or high limit area of the casino, which may take many years of hard work, learning the ropes and sharpening their people skills before they are finally rewarded with working on the high limit roulette or blackjack tables and the subsequent chances of receiving some juicy tips or tokes as they are known in the gambling industry.

The presence of the house edge which is often considerable in certain casino games, giving large gratuities can erode any gains and winnings so is a contentious point amongst gamblers of all financial means as nobody likes giving away money which they have been fortunate enough to gain and have had to risk their own money by placing the wager in the first place. Luckily though when playing online in a high limit online casino the automated dealer does not expect a gratuity of any size! This means that high rollers lucky enough to win big at the blackjack table or other table game do not have to worry about giving back some of their money in the form of a large tip.

Whilst you may not get any drinks delivered to your side whilst playing the games (unless you ask your other half nicely), at least you know that any money you win at the casino will not have to be given away as a gratuity to anyone!

No Embarrassment in a High Limit Online Casino for Wrong Stakes!

Picture the scene: You sit down at a roulette table in a casino and buy an amount of chips from the croupier, believing that it will last you for a fair amount of time, only to realise with horror that you have mistakenly sat down at the high stakes roulette table and that instead of lasting you for an hour of two that initial number of chips will only just cover the minimum bet for the table! In such circumstances you will either have to take the hit for the high stakes and use all those chips on the one spin of the roulette wheel hoping that you get lucky, or suffer the embarrassment of having to announce your mistake, get up and leave the table to find the roulette table with the table limits for the stakes which you actually wish to play roulette for. Whilst this may be embarrassing and cost a certain amount of pride, it will at least be less costly in terms of financial expense were you to wager the amount which is far larger than you feel comfortable doing.

An online casino does not have such problems

Fortunately though when playing online with no fellow players at the table such an embarrassing situation will not occur, particularly as a player has to choose their table limits when playing a game in a high limit online casino or indeed any internet casino. Even if a person were to accidentally choose the wrong table limits it is simply a matter of going back to the casino lobby and clicking on the correct stake limits. So long as nothing has been wagered, no money will be lost, no embarrassment caused and only a few seconds of time wasted before the player can get on enjoying that game of roulette or blackjack or whatever it may be that they wish to play in the online casino.

An advantage of an online casino

Whilst some people may see the absence of other players as a negative aspect of playing online casino games for real money as compared to their physical land-based bricks and mortar counterparts, this is just one reason of many for an online casino having an advantage over a "real" casino.

No Free Drinks in a High Stakes Online Casino: Good or Bad?

One of the perks that many gamblers enjoy when they go to a resort such as the Las Vegas Strip is the fact that many casinos give away free drinks whilst a person gambles in their establishment. The cost of a few drinks can be an extremely worthwhile expense to incur if it means a person will wager and lose hundreds or even thousands of their hard-earned money in this particular casino. It also means that a player does not have to get up and leave their seat in order to go up and queue at the bar, allowing them to carry on playing and spending their cash on the slots or table games.

Staying Focused

As far as online casinos are concerned, the technology has not currently been devised for allowing free drinks to materialise next to the computer screen in a similar way to the replicators in Star Trek, which means they are unable to offer this particular service to their loyal players. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

Whilst everyone will appreciate a free drink, alcohol impairs clarity of thought, and is probably the real reason whilst casino operators and owners are inclined to give away drinks to their customers. Whilst it will keep players playing and spending money, getting them tipsy or even downright drunk will usually have the effect of loosening the pursestrings and making them more reckless with their money. Not only will they gamble more, but they are likely to be less disciplined and strict when it comes to playing games such as blackjack where a particular strategy can improve the odds of winning and playing according to gut feel often loses money.

An online casino player does not have this problem, although they can still be fetching alcoholic beverages out of their own fridge though! This can be an advantage as it allows the player to play with a clear head and manage their money and bankroll better rather than betting amounts which are too high for their personal limits or attempting to chase losses. It is particularly beneficial in an online casino with high limits as the large amounts of money involved can be highly catastrophic for a player's overall wealth and financial state were they to be reckless with their money at high stakes casino games and lose a large amount of money in an extremely short space of time as a result of being inebriated.