Gratuities in a High Limit Online Casino Not Neccessary

In many casinos and gambling establishments like poker rooms it would be expected for gratuities to be given to casino employees such as the blackjack dealers and drinks staff etc. This is particularly the case in countries where tipping is more prevalent and is necessary for many service staff to supplement their wages in order to bring it to an acceptable level. Workers in the United States for example who work in the service industry will depend upon tips and gratuities, which means visitors to a gambling resort in the US such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City should be prepared to tip frequently.

Large Tips for Big Wins Can Erode Profits

Often gratuities are given roughly as a small percentage of the value of the goods consumed (i.e. the total of the restaurant bill for the waiting staff), or as far as casino dealers are concerned, the higher the table the stakes or the bigger the winnings a player is lucky enough to have then the greater the tip amount. In a high limit online casino where the stakes are high this can often mean that dealers look forward to a very generous tip indeed. It is highly likely that only the best dealers employed by the casino will make it to the VIP or high limit area of the casino, which may take many years of hard work, learning the ropes and sharpening their people skills before they are finally rewarded with working on the high limit roulette or blackjack tables and the subsequent chances of receiving some juicy tips or tokes as they are known in the gambling industry.

The presence of the house edge which is often considerable in certain casino games, giving large gratuities can erode any gains and winnings so is a contentious point amongst gamblers of all financial means as nobody likes giving away money which they have been fortunate enough to gain and have had to risk their own money by placing the wager in the first place. Luckily though when playing online in a high limit online casino the automated dealer does not expect a gratuity of any size! This means that high rollers lucky enough to win big at the blackjack table or other table game do not have to worry about giving back some of their money in the form of a large tip.

Whilst you may not get any drinks delivered to your side whilst playing the games (unless you ask your other half nicely), at least you know that any money you win at the casino will not have to be given away as a gratuity to anyone!