High Stakes Gambling Perils and Chasing a Dream

Readers of the page "Is High Stakes Gambling Right for Me?" will already have seen how playing in a high stakes casino or wagering large amounts of money is not suitable for everyone, and that the size of the bets made should be relative to the tolerance levels of how much each player can afford and feel comfortable with losing both in a single bet and in a playing session overall.

High Limit Gambling Can Be Hazardous

There are a number of perils when gambling for high stakes online. Aside from losing a large amount of money in a short period of time, some players can exacerbate and make the situation far worse by throwing good money after bad in that they attempt to recoup their losses by chasing a win. Often they wager higher and higher amounts in the hope that it will result in a big win which will take their bankroll balance back to where it started. In reality this type of undisciplined play is simply a method of losing an increasingly significant amount of money in an even faster timeframe, often resulting in losses which exceed the comfort levels of the individual concerned. In serious cases, players have been known to lose money that was needed for rent or food, and is a sign that a gambling addiction or problem is present or developing.

Even gamblers who are winning are not immune to dangers. They may be doing so well that they begin to feel overconfident in their abilities to beat the casino or believe that luck is definitely on their side tonight and that they should bet even more. This is often coupled with a target in mind such as dreams of buying a boat or winning enough to pay off mortgage debts for example. This chasing of a dream often turns a winning session into one where the player gives all the money won back to the casino in a much shorter amount of time than it took to win it in the first instance. Sometimes winning a large amount and then giving it back feels even worse than simply losing your original bankroll!

The best casino gamblers whether in an online casino or in a land based one are those who are disciplined enough to manage their money and not get swayed or carried away by their emotions. When it comes to playing games such as blackjack or video poker which have an optimum way of playing the hand this is extremely important, and even more so for those playing for high stakes where the amounts of money involved make winning or losing even more significant in terms of the financial impact and consequences that may be felt afterwards.