No Free Drinks in a High Stakes Online Casino: Good or Bad?

One of the perks that many gamblers enjoy when they go to a resort such as the Las Vegas Strip is the fact that many casinos give away free drinks whilst a person gambles in their establishment. The cost of a few drinks can be an extremely worthwhile expense to incur if it means a person will wager and lose hundreds or even thousands of their hard-earned money in this particular casino. It also means that a player does not have to get up and leave their seat in order to go up and queue at the bar, allowing them to carry on playing and spending their cash on the slots or table games.

Staying Focused

As far as online casinos are concerned, the technology has not currently been devised for allowing free drinks to materialise next to the computer screen in a similar way to the replicators in Star Trek, which means they are unable to offer this particular service to their loyal players. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

Whilst everyone will appreciate a free drink, alcohol impairs clarity of thought, and is probably the real reason whilst casino operators and owners are inclined to give away drinks to their customers. Whilst it will keep players playing and spending money, getting them tipsy or even downright drunk will usually have the effect of loosening the pursestrings and making them more reckless with their money. Not only will they gamble more, but they are likely to be less disciplined and strict when it comes to playing games such as blackjack where a particular stratgy can improve the odds of winning and playing according to gut feel often loses money.

An online casino player does not have this problem, although they can still be fetching alcoholic beverages out of their own fridge though! This can be an advantage as it allows the player to play with a clear head and manage their money and bankroll better rather than betting amounts which are too high for their personal limits or attempting to chase losses. It is particularly beneficial in an online casino with high limits as the large amounts of money involved can be highly catastrophic for a player's overall wealth and financial state were they to be reckless with their money at high stakes casino games and lose a large amount of money in an extremely short space of time as a result of being inebriated.