Online Casino Promotions and Rewards

A feature that can significantly increase a players bankroll when playing for high stakes in an online casino is the presence of promotions and reward schemes. Whilst it can be difficult for land-based casinos to offer promotions or rewards to everybody that comes in through the door, except maybe offering 10% off drinks at the bar or something, online casinos freuqntly run promotions which can allow a player to get more from their deposits with the cashier, or provide reward schemes for playing such as comp points which provide a monetary rebate once they accrue to a specified level.

Wagering Higher Amounts Leads to Faster Rewards

Whilst everybody can benefit from promotion bonuses and reward scheme comp points, those playing and wagering large amounts at a time will benefit much more quickly as the amounts they are betting in each hand or spin of the slot machine reels or roulette wheel for example will accumulate reward points at a much faster pace. Many online casinos operate on such a "the more you wager the greater your reward" bonus system to encourage players to wager more with them.

For more information, see the page Online Casino Reward Scheme.

VIP Players

VIP players have access to a number of additional features that those "ordinary" players in the online casino do not. This will vary from casino to casino, but will include things like higher table and betting limits, a dedicated account manager who can answer questions and queries personally rather than having to go through the usual support procedures, more generous bonus and higher withdrawal and deposit limits to accommodate the high stakes play of the individual.