Phones, Real Casinos and Online Casinos

In today's society it is an extremely common sight to look around a busy room and see people usingn their mobile phones, either calling, texting or playing a game. The advance of technology combined with faster mobile internet speeds has meant that mobile phones can now do more than ever, and as such are consuming more and more of our time and attention. Just as in many other situations and environments, casino goers are no exception when it comes to using phones, however there are things to be aware of.

Many Casinos Don't Allow Electronic Devices

Casinos are constantly on the lookout for cheating and security risks of any kind, which means that they can often be strict and uneasy about mobile phone use, or any other electronic device for that matter. Add to this the fact that many people get annoyed and have their enjoyment spoilt by people in the vicinity talking loudly into a mobile phone (probably having to shout in a noisy casino!) and it is no surprise that many will often prohibit the use of a mobile phone on the gaming floor and in certain areas of the casino.

Whilst this may be problematic for those in a real physical casino venue it will not be an issue for those playing in online casinos as they are free to use their phones as much as they wish whilst enjoying the casino games, and as such is just one of many advantages which an online casino has over its land-based rivals. Players need to be wary though that using a phone at the same time as playing a game such as high stakes roulette does not cause them to make a mistake or wager too much, or perhaps too little, than they meant to on a particular number, only to find that they either lose a lot of money or could have won much more had they put their intended bet amount on the number which did indeed come up on the roulette wheel. Texting or talking on a phone can also cause players to not act in time when playing online poker for example which can automatically fold their hand; a particular annoyance if it happened to be a strong one and a likely winner of the pot!