Smoking Permitted in an Online Casino

As the health risks associated with nicotine become more widely known and understood, countries across the world have been steadily introducing smoking bans in enclosed public places, with casinos falling into this category. Whilst there are exceptions for casinos located in certain jurisdictions, the likelihood is that anyone playing in a casino in a country such as the United Kingdom for example will have no choice but to refrain from smoking whilst gambling at the tables and go outside into the designated smoking area when they wish to light up.

Smoking in Casinos

The argument about smoking bans being a good thing or a bad thing has raged for years between smokers and non-smokers, and is unlikely to dissipate any time soon. As far as casinos are concerned, players gambling for high stakes or low limits alike will be treated exactly the same according to legislation, and even if the gambling establishment did wish to allow their VIP gamblers the ability to smoke whilst playing roulette or whilst sat at the slot machine they are prevented to by the law of the land, and would get into a lot of trouble for flouting these laws if they did so!

Fortunately an online casino has no such issues or restrictions, and both smokers and non-smoking players alike can gamble to their heart's content with or without a cigar or cigarette in their hand. This is just one of many advantages that an internet casino has over its land-based counterparts, and can be a deciding factor for those who simply cannot gamble without smoking as a method of steadying their nerves for instance when gambling for high limits. For some the thought of playing high stakes roulette where a lot of money rests on where the ball lands or high limit blackjack where they have to decide whether to hit on sixteen is unthinkable without being able to smoke at the same time!

A Live Dealer Casino is a Possible Solution

Whilst it may not quite provide the same atmosphere as sitting in a smoky casino surrounded by fellow players all smoking too, a live dealer casino can at least replicate to some extent the feeling of being present where the action is taking place, with the ability to smoke at the same time. For those who haven't already given games such as live dealer roulette a try, why not do so now by clicking on the "Play Now!" button at the top of the page to open an casino account and visiting the live dealer games?