VIP High Stakes Gambling in Casinos

Bricks-and-mortar and online casinos are particularly keen to encourage not only regular players back to their establishment, but they also want to attract high rollers who will spend a lot of money in their casino (and who will also become regulars as well hopefully!). Whereas the majority of players will only be able to afford and/or willing to place small wagers, these high rollers will want to play casino games for high limits including games such as high stakes roulette or hands of blackjack where large amounts of money can be wagered each time.

Bonuses and Rewards for Special Players

As a consequence these high stakes gamblers will be afforded VIP treatment by the casino in question in an attempt to both attract and retain their custom. There will be various possible methods utilised, and each casino will have its own marketing and customer retention processes, but will often include features such as:

  • Sign up bonuses which are increasingly generous the larger the initial deposit

  • Frequent player reward schemes which reward regular play at the particular casino (and prevent the player depositing their cash with a rival!)

  • Free drinks (not available in online casinos for obvious reasons)

  • Casino credit for high rollers who are able to play without having to deposit cash up front into their accounts each time they wish to play.

  • For the biggest high rollers who are the largest gamblers at the casino, the rewards can often be extremely generous. This is because whilst the casino wishes to attract and retain as many players as possible, these big spenders will often hand over to the casino more many than ten or even a hundred players gambling for low stakes ever will, and so they are treated with VIP status accordingly. The casino will often provide numerous comps and perks in order to entice and retain their spending, with gifts such as show or sports tickets, airport pick-ups and even complete holidays not unheard of.

    VIP players are also likely to have their own personal point of contact with the casino who can arrange and answer any queries much faster than having to go through the conventional procedures of submitting support tickets over the internet or going through a telephone switchboard for example.

    In any form of business, managment will be keep to go the extra mile for their best customers (i.e. those that spend the most money with them), and the casino and gambling industry is definitely no exception. With certain high stakes players wishing to deposit and wager thousands or perhaps even millions of pounds or dollars there is little surprise that casinos will go to great lengths to provide reasons for that player to play, and keep on playing, at their casino.