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Looking to play high limit online casino games? Then High Stakes Casino.co.uk is the perfect place for you. Enjoy high stakes gambling action on a variety of different casino games, from traditional favourites such as high limit online roulette, blackjack, slots, craps, keno and video poker, along with exciting variations too. Best of all, you can enjoy these games with high limits for a chance to win big money.

Players can begin with limits of £10,000 per roulette wheel spin or £5,000 per hand of blackjack for example. Now that's some seriously high stakes.

High Limit Blackjack

In blackjack it is just you against the dealer, and whilst luck will play its part, it is one of the few casino games which also relies heavily upon the skill of the player rather than pure chance. This is why it is the game of choice for many casino players who like to have some control over their own destiny and success at the tables, but is especially true for high rollers who are wagering large amounts. After all, if you are betting thousands of pounds, wouldn't you prefer to back your skill and judgement as a player rather than relying solely upon Lady Luck? Find out more about playing blackjack for high limits here.

High Limit Roulette

Fortunes have been won and lost for centuries on this iconic casino game, which still provides just as many thrills and all the excitement as ever. Although the fundamentals of roulette haven't changed down the years, there now exists numerous variations and versions of the game, all with slightly different rules, strategies and, of course, house edge. Find out all about European Roulette and more by visiting the High Stakes Roulette page.

Please check individual games and table limits for minimums and maximums on inside and outside bets.

High Stakes Live Dealer Casino

For those who prefer to play in a live dealer casino when playing for high stakes so that they can actually see the cards being turned over in blackjack or the roulette ball settling on the wheel, we have you covered. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you have the option to play in the live dealer casino, so you really can choose whether you prefer to view the action unfolding before your eyes in the live dealer casino or take advantage of the sumptuous graphics on offer in the online casino when playing for high limits. To read more about live dealer casinos, please click here.

Who Should Play for High Limits?

The term high limits is rather relative, as what would be viewed as extremely large amount by one person may simply be small change to another. In terms of online gambling though, when talking about high limits it usually refers to wager amounts which are over and above the usual limits imposed by the majority of casino providers. Whilst these limits may be perfectly acceptable for most players, and indeed many are unlikely to ever bet anything close to the maximum limit in a single wager, for some high rollers these limits are likely to be too restrictive and so small in comparison to their wealth that it removes all sense of risk and meaningfulness for them... in essence, it is no longer a gamble!

One of the reasons for gambling's popularity is the thrill of winning that can only be achieved when there is the danger of losing a meaningful amount. If a tiny limit is imposed on a player looking to play for high stakes, then their enjoyment is severely curtailed and results in a frustrated experience, in the same when that playing for fun/demo money never feels the same as playing for real money!

Plus, besides the enjoyment factor, many high rollers also visit online casinos and gamble online for the same reason as many others: to try and win money! Again, this is relative, and what may be a life-changing winning amount for some may not mean a great deal to another. Therefore in order to try and win a large, meaningful amount a high roller will need to stake a large amount, which again is a reason for requiring high limits.

Where problems arise with playing for high limits is when a player wagers an amount which is in excess of their comfort zone, insofar as losing this amount will have a severely negative effect upon their happiness and their financial situation. They place a large wager in the hope of winning a large amount, but cannot absorb such an amount should the cards or the roulette wheel not be favourable. So when playing for high stakes and high limits, always play sensibly and according to your own specific tolerances for potential losses.

High Limit Gambling and Casino Articles

Why Chasing Losses in a High Limit Online Casino is So Destructive

Playing in a casino for high limits requires discipline, as chasing losses often gets out of control.

Trust Your Skill in High Limit Casino Games

Most players who wager for high limits will play casino games which depend on their skill rather than pure luck.

Why High Limit Online Casino Players Need To Manage Their Money

Poor money management is even more damaging when wagering large amounts of money on each bet.

High Limit Online Gambling and Casino Credit

High limit players will often require and desire a line of casino credit to fund their bankroll.

Impulsive Nature? Avoid High Limit Casino Credit!

Casino credit will not be suitable for everyone. When gambling for high limits, it can exponentially increase problems.

A High Limit Online Casino Versus a Real One

There are numerous similarities and contrasting characteristics between land-based and online casinos.

No Need to Dress Up for a High Limit Online Casino!

A high limit internet casino has no dress code and can be accessed with no requirement to spend ages dressing up.

No Embarrassment in a High Limit Online Casino for Wrong Stakes!

Avoid that horrible feeling of sitting at a table by accident with high limits by playing online.

Gratuities in a High Limit Online Casino Not Neccessary

There's no need to relinquish some of your hard-won money in tips for a virtual dealer!

No Annoying Advice in a High Limit Online Casino

High rollers can sometimes attract unwelcome attention from those keen to offer advice and chat.

Etiquette in a High Limit Online Casino

There is no confusing and conflicting etiquette to follow like there can be in high limit areas of land casinos.

A High Limit Online Casino and Minimising House Edge

It is much easier to find high limit casino games at favourable house edges than it is in a land based casino.

Extremely High Limit Roulette by Special Request in Many Casinos

Sometimes a person can only play extremely high limit roulette through special request to the casino manager.

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