High Limit European Roulette


Having just one zero number rather than the two found in American roulette makes the European version of roulette extremely popular with high limit players.

European Roulette
High Limit American Roulette


One of the most common forms of roulette found across the world, play the same version of roulette found in those famous US gambling destinations.

American Roulette
High Limit French Roulette Online


Thanks to its unique rules, French roulette has a lower house edge than European or American roulette, which explains its popularity amongst roulette players!

French Roulette
VIP Live Dealer Roulette

VIP Live

One for the high rollers out there. Take a seat and enjoy maximum betting limits of up to £10,000 per spin of the roulette wheel by playing VIP Live Dealer Roulette.

VIP Live Roulette

The Thrill of Roulette

For those who enjoy roulette, there is little which can beat the thrill that comes with the sound of the small white ball settling on the wheel and the anticipation of knowing your fate as to whether you have won on this spin. And with up to £10,000 per spin of real money riding on it, there will be more anticipation than usual!

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino, and is so for a number of reasons:

Although there are certain bets which can be a little tricky to get your head around, there are also extremely simple ones such as red/black, odd/even etc, not to mention the high-risk-high-reward option of single number bets. All a player has to do is place their chips - virtual or otherwise - onto the table, let the croupier spin the wheel, and that is pretty much all there is to it! This simplicity is one of the fundamental reasons for roulette being so popular amongst all gamblers, as it can be enjoyed by anyone who hasn't the inclination to learn a complex game. Also (although some will argue), because roulette is a game of pure chance there is no strategy to learn as there will be for a game like video poker.

Roulette outcomes are determined in seconds. Whilst this can be a bad thing, particularly for those playing high limit roulette who find their bankroll diminishing at a rapid rate if they go a few spins without winning any money, it does mean that a player knows their fate within a few moments without having to wait and go through a convoluted sequence of events or play out a hand before knowing if they have won or not.

Whilst the long term odds of roulette may not be as favourable as certain other casino games, on a single spin a person can double their money in a few seconds on pretty much a 50/50 bet by choosing red/black or odd/even, although the actual odds are slightly worse than this thanks to the presence of either one or two zero slots depending upon which version of roulette you are playing.

Roulette is often a sociable game. Although this won't really apply to those playing online roulette, in a casino the players often chat amongst each other as well as their friends / relatives / family members who have accompanied them out to the casino. This differs to games like blackjack where concentration is required in order to follow a correct strategy, and means roulette can appeal to those who like to socialise whilst playing in the casino. In fact, a roulette table is only second to a craps table in terms of noise and raucousness.

High Limit Roulette Can Be More Exciting

Roulette is one of those casino games where so long as there is no bias to the roulette wheel, it relies upon pure chance as to where the ball lands. This is because results are not affected by previous outcomes and each one is independent of each other. This is different to a game like blackjack where cards that are used up affect the probability of the cards which follow.

Although many will argue and some will even swear passionately that strategies do play a part in determining future results, when playing roulette a player is entrusting to luck and therefore does not have to worry or think about probabilities or future outcomes based on what has happened before. This can sometimes make the game of roulette a little boring to some as there is not really a great deal of thought involved in the game.

Playing Roulette for High Limits Increases the Tension and Excitement

To spice things up a bit, those who can afford it, or at least accommodate any losses, will wager big and play high limit roulette in order to add an element of danger and risk to the game with the intention of making it more exciting. As an example, betting a low amount on either red or black can soon get pretty tedious for a person, but wagering a large amount on red or black will add more risk and reward to the scenario and provide much more entertainment (and for others too if there person is playing in a real casino as opposed to an online casino). The obvious pitfall of this situation is if the person racked up significant losses in a short period of time simply because they wanted to make the game more interesting. This is why it is so important for them to have the financial means to accommodate such losses, and would probably have been better playing a different casino game such as video poker or blackjack which have a element of skill involved in them and require more thought into the strategy, making it more interesting and negating the need to bet big amounts simply to make it more entertaining.

Playing Roulette in an Online Casino

In most online casinos, those wishing to bet a lot of money whilst playing roulette would often be left disappointed as frustratingly-low bet limits left them feeling unfulfilled as the low stakes would fail to excite them. But with such high limits at our casino, the pulse will certainly be racing whilst high rollers play high stakes roulette and bet a meaningful amount of chips.

Whilst games such as poker are often played in vastly different ways according to whether you are playing online or can actually see your opponent and their facial expression across the table, when it comes to playing roulette there is really no difference to the way in which a gambler should play. This is because unlike poker where the difference between winning and losing money comes with beating a human opponent, in roulette there are no people or emotions affecting the outcome, as it all comes down to which number the little ball lands on the spinning roulette wheel.

Same Game, Same Approach

So when playing roulette in high stakes online casinos there should be no changes to the way you would go about playing roulette if you were in a land based casino. The only difference is being able to actually see the ball being spun and finishing on the number. However with the introduction of live dealer roulette even this distinction between online and bricks and mortar casinos has now been broken down as players can now see the action taking place via a webcam, which results in greater peace of mind for them rather than trusting the random number generator to determine the outcome.

Playing roulette or indeed any other casino games for high stakes over the internet instead of having to make the effort to visit the casino in person allows a gambler to play at any time of the day or night and without having to worry about carrying lots of cash to or, if they win, from the casino to the bank or back home. With there being no difference in the strategies required or probability of winning between online casinos and their physical counterparts, many players are choosing more and more to play roulette online, especially since live dealer roulette allows them to feel like they are actually there watching the action without even needing to get dressed!

Why You Should Consider High Stakes Roulette

High roller tables are almost the same regardless of whether you play online or in bricks-and-mortar casinos. As with all roulette games, your betting options are entirely in your hands. With table minimums usually ranging from as low as £1 up to £25, your starting budget will dictate your preferred version.

However, different casino operators may have wildly differing upper limits. The maximum bet limit may range from £1,000 to £5,000, while a few go as high as an eye-watering £500,000. In some online casinos, the maximum bet varies depending on the type of bet you place, but all offer more excitement than a £1 punt on a low stakes table.

How to Choose a High Stakes Roulette Version

There is a wide range of online roulette games available, all with their own benefits. Depending on your playing style and what it takes to get your adrenaline pumping, there are a few things to consider before making your choice:

European vs American Roulette Wheels

The European and French Roulette wheels have 37 pockets – 0, then 1 to 36 – and no 00 pocket. The arrangement is alternating red and black pockets, while 0 is green. The right of the 0 has nine high reds and nine low blacks, while the left has nine high blacks and nine low reds.

The American wheel has 38 pockets – 0, 00 then 1 to 36. Again, the 0 and 00 are green with alternating red and black pockets, but the arrangement is more complicated. Every red pocket is opposite a black, and every odd number is opposite the next higher even number. Most numbers are part of a pair with one in between, and pairs of odd numbers alternate with pairs of even numbers.

Because the American Roulette version of the game has a bigger house edge, it is always better from a player's point of view to play the European version of Roulette, particularly when playing for high stakes when there is a lot of money involved.

RNG High Limit Online Roulette

Like many online casino games, high stakes roulette games can be computer based. A Random Number Generator dictates the result of a spin which makes them less popular with high rollers. RNG tables have lower maximum bet limits, but you can still win big and the gameplay is faster than live dealer variants as you don’t need to wait for other players to bet and spin.

Live Dealer High Limit Online Roulette

This variant has gained a lot of popularity due to its realistic visuals, authentic sounds, and impressive gameplay. This is the closest you can get to a real casino experience without leaving the comfort of your home. Many have an autoplay option so you can take the time to get a feel for the table, chat to other players, or wager a bonus.

High Roller Benefits

Just like in a bricks-and-mortar casino, big spenders get big benefits. If you are a high stakes roulette player, you can have your pick of welcome bonuses. As well as free cash based on your initial deposit, some online roulette variants also offer number-based promotions. For example, you might get an £8 bonus for landing on the number 8 if you play between 8pm and 9pm.

Betting Strategies for High Stakes Roulette

High stakes roulette is an excellent choice for players who like progressive strategies which work better with a large betting range. The Martingale Strategy has the best winning odds but the lowest payout – almost 50% at 1:1. You start with a low amount and place the same bet unless you lose, when you then double up. Careful players return to their original bet with their next win.

The Fibonacci System is only used for even-money bets and gives a 50% chance of a win. You can start with any stake, but the next bet should be the sum of the previous two numbers. If you lose, you move two sequence numbers back, and when you reach the end of the sequence, you start at the beginning.

Whatever type of high stakes roulette you choose, there is no other high limit online casino game that offers such high rewards with such a competitively low risk.

Best Casino to Play High Stakes Roulette In: Should it be a Land-Based or Online Casino?

The advent of roulette in casino gaming had its flair with gamblers enjoying the high stakes casino thrill. Each season had its modalities and means of presentation. As the days went by, various presentation methods were invented. Classic casino games used tangible and customised tables. The tables worked fine up until technology in the late 20th century started to change the gaming modalities. Physical buildings had their own merits and demerits with demand significantly influencing its operations. With technology came the high limit online casino which decentralised gaming. The discussions below help us understand the significance of each of the two roulette media to gaming.

The Commercial Sense for a High Limit Casino

A good investor in gaming service provision has to understand how to get the customer. Physically meeting is a good approach as it may bring in other opportunities. However, it cannot go as far as it should. Expansion significantly eats into the operating capital. More so, the return on investment might also take longer to actualise. If it has to go digital, the high limit roulette can be played by anyone who owns a computer or smartphone. The opportunity cost for expansion and reaching more customers is huge. The more the exposure, the higher the subscription and the higher the customer base.

The Security Factor

When gaming on a land-based high stakes roulette, you have to move around with lots of money or other valuable things in your possession. The risk is high both before, during and after gaming. The security provided by the establishment is not enough to guarantee safe passage. With online gaming, all high limit online roulette games are 100% secure. All your proceeds are deposited into your betting account. Any eventualities after winning or losing are handled by the system.

Exposure to Multiple High Stakes Casino Games

Besides roulette games, we offer other high limit online casino games. The high limit online blackjack and slots are the most popular. The experience and properties are the same but the gaming is different. You are also exposed to varieties of high stake online games. They increase the time spent on the platform and offer a chance to settle on any game you feel comfortable with.

Easy Gaming and Accessibility of Tutorials

We give gaming tutorials for every game mounted on our platform. They detail all you need to know on gaming; the winning moves, expectations, financial literacy and the gambling awareness programs. You will be fully aware of the praise and blame associated with gaming before participating. The bonuses and offers allow you to try out the games without spending real money.


  • 1. You do not need a timestamp or specific place to enjoy your favourite high stakes roulette. The game goes with you anywhere, anytime.

  • 2. There is no extra cost for facilitation or convenience.

  • 3. A single game can host as many players as possible; a factor that is not accessible in a land-based casino.

  • 4. Convenience brings in comfort, confidence and informed decisions when betting. Gaming is done with little or no external influence.

  • 5. This concentration improves the chances of winning and limits eventualities if one loses. This is the main advantage that high limit online casino games have over land-based casinos.

  • 6. The capacity of games can be increased exponentially online. Land-based casinos need more space, which eats into operational costs.

  • Bonuses, Promotions and Offers

    Upon registration, we have a deposit bonus. It gives the new customer an exclusive tour of our high stakes casino and other games without using real money. There are also reload bonuses, periodic promotions and offers to reward and celebrate occurrences. These promotions are not structured in land-based casinos. We aim to get you to try and explore our high limit blackjack, high limit slots. You can also get free spins, real money bonuses and extended gaming time. To get all this, you have to follow the wagering requirements.

    Gaming Operations

    These are engagements that make gaming easy. An online casino makes it easier to execute compared to a land-based casino. They include:

  • 1. Customer service – operations and technical questions.
  • 2. Financial transactions - deposits and withdrawals.
  • 3. Account management - VIP gaming and loyalty program.

  • High Roller Roulette

    A high roller looking to play high limit roulette will not only want to wager an amount which is meaningful to them and provides the excitement that comes with casino games such as roulette, but they will also want to be reassured that the game is completely fair, something which is difficult to verify for the majority of internet casinos. Not only do the roulette games conform to the strictest standards using Random Number Generators (RNGs), but those wishing to play roulette for really high limits can do so in the live casino and see the ball actually landing on the real before their eyes (see below).

    Live Dealer Roulette

    Whether you wish to see the ball landing rather than relying on a Random Number Generator, or prefer to play casino games such as roulette or blackjack in a live dealer casino, we have it all covered. Use the interactive roulette table to place your bets, then sit back and watch as the live dealer spins the wheel and releases the ball.

    Once you have signed up and logged-in to the casino, simply choose your preferred option to go straight to the table and begin playing.

    As with all live dealer casino games, being able to see the action unfold live in front of you makes the whole experience much more like gambling in a real casino rather than sat in front of a computer. The introduction of live dealer roulette has enabled people from all over the world to enjoy playing roulette from the comfort of their own home whilst still being able to get the sense of actually being in a casino environment.

    Not only does live dealer online roulette over the internet provide a greater sense of realism to heighten the enjoyment levels, but when playing roulette for high stakes, being able to see the ball land rather than take the word of a computer programme gives a tremendous amount of reassurance to those playing for high limits, as indeed it does to everyone no matter how much money they are wagering! Some of our specialist live dealer online roulette games have a maximum betting limit of £30,000 per spin of the wheel, and as such being able to see the actual outcome of the game is an essential consideration for those high rollers wishing to wager this sort of money on online roulette.

    High Limit European Roulette

    Many online casinos will promote high table limits for their roulette games, but then you find out that it is just for the less popular American Roulette version of the game, which has much worse odds for the player, and subsequently a greater likelihood of the house winning your money, thanks to the presence of the double zero on the wheel. At our high limit casino however players can enjoy the much better odds of the European version of roulette which does not include the double zero, for the same high limits in the live dealer European Roulette games and animated games. With less possible outcomes, the odds of choosing a winning number are increased.

    Play High Stakes Roulette

    So click on the "Enter Casino" button at the top of the screen and be playing high stakes roulette, either as a table game with sumptuous visual graphics and sound or in the live casino, in just a few moments.

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