VIP Casino Players

VIP casino players are rewarded with numerous benefits and bonuses

Any online casino should look after its players, but those who are playing for high stakes in the casino and generating a lot of business for the casino should be given a little extra attention! See below for more information regarding becoming a VIP casino player and the increased benefits and rewards that are available to those who attain the status of a casino VIP.

VIP players are amongst the casino's most favourite clientele. This is because VIP players are those who play and gamble regularly with that particular casino. After all, players are essentially a casino's customers, and just like any business will want to attract regular spenders, the casino industry is no different. As a consequence, casinos will typically go out of their way to offer bonuses and incentives to players to ensure that they keep on wagering with them rather than with a rival.

What Makes a Casino Player a VIP?

As the initials imply, a casino VIP is a Very Important Person to the casino, and one which they would like to have gambling with them. Whilst it is true that a casino desires as many players as it can get through its doors or its website, it will not have the resources to personally cater to the demands and wishes of every single one. Of course it will offer regular deposit bonuses and free spins on the slots games for instance, but these will tend to be rather small and generic, hoping to entice more gambling activity by some without giving away too much in "free money" to everyone and anyone.

A VIP player is one who satisfies particular criteria and has been identified by the casino as exceptional to the majority. More often than not, this will simply come down to the amount of money which they wager. This could be gambling for high stakes and betting a lot of money at fairly infrequent appearances, or it could be a player to does not wager a vast quantity of money each time but visits regularly. In both cases, these players are the regular customers mentioned earlier that the casino places much more value upon rather then the one-off player who gambles then does not come back again.

Take a VIP roulette player as an example. A casino would rather have players who either wager hundreds or thousands for every spin of the roulette wheel playing high limit roulette every so often, or a player who frequents the casino often and plays for long periods of time at the roulette table. Although people who come and play roulette once or twice are fine, they are not regular spenders who will sustain the casino and have much impact on its financial performance.

As far as online casinos are concerned, VIP players are also those who deposit large amounts of money into their bankroll ready to be played with. These large depositors are frequently offered generous deposit bonuses - typically far more generous than those who do not play for high stakes or long periods of time - in order to retain their custom and keep them coming back for more.

each casino will have its own marketing and customer retention processes, but will often include features such as:

  • Sign up bonuses which are increasingly generous the larger the initial deposit
  • Frequent player reward schemes which reward regular play at the particular casino (and prevent the player depositing their cash with a rival!)
  • Free drinks (not available in online casinos for obvious reasons!)
  • Casino credit for high rollers who are able to play without having to deposit cash up front into their accounts each time they wish to play.
  • The Rewards for Being a VIP Casino Player

    A feature that can significantly increase a players bankroll when playing for high stakes in an online casino is the presence of promotions and reward schemes. Whilst it can be difficult for land-based casinos to offer promotions or rewards to everybody that comes in through the door, except maybe offering 10% off drinks at the bar or something, online casinos frequently run promotions which can allow a player to get more from their deposits with the cashier, or provide reward schemes for playing such as comp points which provide a monetary rebate once they accrue to a specified level.

    Whilst everybody can benefit from promotion bonuses and reward scheme comp points, those playing and wagering large amounts at a time will benefit much more quickly as the amounts they are betting in each hand or spin of the slot machine reels or roulette wheel for example will accumulate reward points at a much faster pace. Many online casinos operate on such a "the more you wager the greater your reward" bonus system to encourage players to wager more with them.

    In any form of business, managment will be keep to go the extra mile for their best customers (i.e. those that spend the most money with them), and the casino and gambling industry is definitely no exception. With certain high stakes players wishing to deposit and wager thousands or perhaps even millions of pounds or dollars there is little surprise that casinos will go to great lengths to provide reasons for that player to play, and keep on playing, at their casino.

    For the biggest high rollers who are the largest gamblers at the casino, the rewards can often be extremely generous. This is because whilst the casino wishes to attract and retain as many players as possible, these big spenders will often hand over to the casino more many than ten or even a hundred players gambling for low stakes ever will, and so they are treated with VIP status accordingly. The casino will often provide numerous comps and perks in order to entice and retain their spending, with gifts such as show or sports tickets, airport pick-ups and even complete holidays not unheard of.

    Increased Table and Deposit Limits

    One of the main advantages of being a VIP casino player is the potential to win a lot of money through being given increased deposit limits and table maximums which better suit your budget and wagering wishes. There is nothing more frustrating than being restricted to gambling for amounts which may be perfectly acceptable for the majority of other players, but are too restrictive for your wealth status and gambling requirements. This can spoil any casino visit, when you are effectively playing for what you consider small change rather than experiencing the thrill of playing a casino game such as roulette for high limits which is much more exciting as the stake levels are more suited to your bankroll availability.

    VIP Support Account Manager

    But the deposit limits and higher table maximums are just the beginning. As a VIP you will likely be allocated a dedicated account and support manager who will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have much faster than having to go through the standard support channel or having to find answers for yourself in the casino website's help or frequently asked questions sections. Not only can this remove a lot of frustration when you just want an answer and want it quickly, but it also saves wasting your valuable time and lets you get straight back to the action of the casino games without waiting for your issue to be resolved.

    VIP Promotions and Rewards

    As was mentioned at the top of the page, casinos are extremely keen to retain the custom of their VIP players, which means these individuals receive the best bonuses. From high deposit bonuses, increased comp point percentages, raffle prize entries and bankroll boosters, the potential VIP rewards are huge. Plus, they get better the further up the VIP ladder you climb, so the more you play, the more bonuses you receive.

    VIP Luxury Items

    As a VIP player who is rewarded handsomely for your wagering, you will soon begin to accumulate a significant amount of comp points. Whilst you are welcome to convert these into cash to boost your bankroll, VIPs also have access to the the VIP Loyalty Superstore which has a comprehensive range of luxury items available to you. Whether you;re interested in signed sporting memorabilia,designer sunglasses, luxury watches, electronics and gadgets, jewellery or anything else in the store, simply find an item you like and exchange your comp points for it. And if you are after something in particular, you can request it to be added!

    Do Casinos Offer High-Limit Players More Benefits When They Play Roulette At Them?

    The VIP privileges on high limit casino games aim to give you the advantage over regular gamers. It sheds light on the gaming operations and technical understanding of roulette. It also prioritises the welfare of select members and ensures a seamless staking process.

    Potential benefits of being a high roller online roulette player can include:

    Gaming Speed is Customised

    There are different high limit online roulette games played at different levels. VIP gamers have access to all of them. The games reserved for the VIPs not only have higher betting limits, but can also be differently timed. The players can undertake the faster version or the slower version based on their taste. Other online roulette games found in the general pool have a standard playing speed.

    Interaction with the Dealer

    Being on the high stakes table in gaming affords you the chance to interact with the dealer. There is a live chat stream with the croupier. Such experience provides you with an opportunity to understand the game more. You also get to interact with other gamers on the live table. Every stake invested when playing in a high stakes casino needs such features to boost the chance of winning.

    Some casinos open up a bit on their random number generator system to show how a winning coupon is arrived at. There is also a system audit that gives you an account to every spin you undertook. The process is instant and helps you understand how the roulette system works.

    Reward and Recognition System

    There is a bonus or points accrued for playing on the high limit online casino. They are collated and redeemed for free spins or other gaming offers. The points are bracketed based on the amount you spend per day. Better endowed high limit gaming service providers assign an account manager to offer guidelines and tips and inform the player of new developments on the casino.

    A Wide Range of Roulette Games

    When you have the VIP status on a gaming platform, you have access to all the roulette games being offered. From normal and live dealer to the different roulette variants, you have enough games to choose from. You can choose to play the high limit online slots from the general pool or try out the VIP slot. All roulette games have an identical playing format but have tutorials in case you need to refresh your mind.

    Play for Free on Selected Games

    If there is a new game or an improved roulette variant, your VIP status allows you to try the game first before everybody else. They can be offered for free or on a discounted rate. You get to sample any instruction or observation accorded to the new game. This benefit also applies to newly launched video slots, table games and poker games.

    Special Offers and Promotions

    Besides the normal casino offers, there are bonuses customised for high limit online roulette players. A significant number are deposit and reload bonuses. Other promotions are seasonal or based on events. The most iconic offer for high spenders is the loyalty program. Every game you play earns an entry to the program. They can be redeemed to give free spins or a cash bonus.

    However, you have to pass the wagering requirements for the bonus to be moved to the main account. Other high stakes casino games also benefit from these offers.

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