Responsible Gambling at High Stakes

As described in our About Us page, High Stakes was created in order to provide those wealthy individuals a place where they can enjoy online casino games such as blackjack and roulette whilst wagering an amount of money that will actually mean something to them and so allows them the thrill of winning that can only come with the risk of losing a meaningful amount of money.

This is the intention of High Stakes, and is contrary to the first thought of most people when they hear the term "high stakes" in that it is for an amount of money that is over and above what would be comfortable for a person if they were to lose it. High stakes in our terms relates more to a large amount of money that whilst would prove extremely financially-damaging to the vast majority of people, would not cause great distress to a wealthy individual such as a millionairre.

This means that we do not wish to attract players who want to play games such as high stakes roulette because they want to risk all they have for the chance of winning big, but instead our site is aimed at those who do wish to wager large amounts but can comfortably afford to do so. Please only play the games for high stakes in the online casino if you can truly afford to do so.

It Doesn't Have to Be High Stakes Casino Play...

Everybody's definition of high stakes will differ, and whilst many will not want to play blackjack for £10,000 per hand or roulette for £40,000 per spin as they can in the live dealer casino, players can wager anything from 50p in low stakes roulette right up to those high limits mentioned above. So players of all financial backgrounds and statuses will be able to enjoy the real money games in the online casino at levels which are comfortable for them.