Live Dealer Casino

Playing in a live dealer casino is second only to being in a real casino, and in fact there are many who would argue that it is in fact better as you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home to play!

In a live dealer casino the game is run by a real life dealer who you can see via a camera. They draw the cards in a blackjack game or spin the wheel in a game of roulette, with the player making bet selections and choosing which action they would like to take by clicking the options that come up on screen. It really is casino gambling for the 21st century!

Trust and Fairness

As well as the immersive gaming experience, live dealer casinos are also much more trustworthy that casino games which rely on Random Number Generators (RNGs) to come up with the outcome of a roulette spin or a hand of blackjack. Now you can see the actual cards being dealt or the physical landing of the roulette ball as it comes to settle on the wheel. Our online casino site is obviously geared up for those players who wish to gamble for high stakes (hence the name of the site!), and because of the potentially large sums of money involved, the fairness of the games is obviously top priority, as it would be no matter how much was being wagered but obviously when there is a large amount at stake, it matters just a little bit more.

So if you have yet to experience an online live dealer casino, or are an experienced high-roller who is ready to play for high stakes via a live casino, just click on the "Enter Casino" button at the top of the page to get started.

Reasons Why Many High Stakes Blackjack and Roulette Players Prefer to Play Live Blackjack or Roulette

High stakes casinos are becoming more common as online casinos become more popular. Now, a significant amount of gamblers play high stakes casinos games, such as high stakes roulette, high stakes slots and high stakes blackjack.

As technology improves, particularly the quality of video streaming, more players are attracted live casinos. It is a trend that has been going on for the past several years. High rollers have been increasingly moving away from offline casino table games to live casino games.

There are several reasons for this transition including:

Higher Limits

Live casino games in a high limit casino tend to have higher limits than the casino table games found in the casino’s lobby. The reason is that the majority of players on the site will play the offline versions and they will often risk small amounts. Therefore, there is no need to place high limits on these games.

A player who plays games at the live casino is more likely to risk more, so the casino places higher limits on such games. Since players have to invest in a high-speed connection and risk more money, they are also bound to play for longer than they would if it were a typical game.

Dealer Interaction

When playing live table games in a high limit casino, you play against live dealers. The casino does as much as it can to mimic the experience of a physical casino.

Many high stakes players prefer the interaction between them and the dealers. It adds a human touch to the experience, which is a lot better than just playing against a machine.

If you are risking so much in a game, you should have as good an experience doing so as possible. Any less would not provide value for your money.

Higher Chance of Winning (Man vs Machine)

Another reason why many high stakes players prefer to play live roulette, blackjack and other table casino games in a high limit online casino is that there is a higher chance of winning. As stated earlier, when playing live casino games, you play against a dealer.

On the contrary, when you are playing roulette or blackjack from the casino lobby, you will be playing against the software. The casinos are in business to make a profit and will design the game’s algorithm to win more than it loses.

To be human is to err and the same applies to gambling. You have a better chance of winning when playing against a human than when you are playing against a machine.

Specific Prizes

Any casino worth its salt will have many bonuses and promotions. It will also have specific prizes for their live casino table games.

The reason that a high stakes casino offers its customers exclusive prizes in their live section is to attract more players to play live games with higher limits where they can spend more money.

Since there is more money going around in the live casino, the prizes are bound to be heftier than regular prizes. It is a great way to incentivise and attract players to the live casino.

Player Interaction

When you play live baccarat, roulette or blackjack in a high limit online casino, in addition to playing against a dealer, you may also choose to play alongside other players willing to take high risks.

Interacting with other players adds fun to the playing experience. Many sites also have a chat section for players to interact if they cannot speak through the camera.

Interacting with players is one of the best aspects of playing games at a casino and live games do their best to mimic it.

More Authentic

One of the most common reasons why high limit players prefer live casino table games over offline versions is that they offer a more authentic experience.

By playing against dealers and interacting with them, the experience is more organic. There are also player interactions either through audio on video or chatting. It makes the games very closely resemble an actual casino.

Players who are placing vast amounts on bets in a casino want to have the most realistic experience possible. The live casino table game experience makes it worth their money.

Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer Roulette

Place your bets then watch the actual wheel being spun and see the ball come to rest.

Live Dealer Blackjack

See the dealer turn the cards in response to your choice. Will you hit or stick?