Multi Hand Blackjack

High stakes multi hand blackjack

When the dealer goes bust in a game of blackjack and your hand is still in the game, after the initial thoughts of happiness and satisfaction at the money about to come your way imminently, the next thoughts will probably be along the lines of "I wish I'd been playing more than one hand."

For those winning at the blackjack, their bankroll would be increasing at twice or even three times the pace were they playing two or three hands at a time and having the same level of success with them.

Playing Multi Hand Blackjack in a Casino

Although there is unlikely to be anything in the house rules at a casino about playing multiple hands of blackjack at once (although check first as there may be), many land-based casinos will prevent a player's attempts to play more than one hand of blackjack when the casino starts to get busy as they want to provide the opportunity for as many people to play as possible. A casino where players are standing around having to wait for a space at the table are not only not gambling (and, from the casino's point of view, hopefully losing), but they will also be getting frustrated and unlikely to wish to visit again.

Without a steady stream of people coming through the doors gambling with them, a casino will struggle to operate for long, and so it is in their interest to keep visitors interested and happy whilst they are on the premises. This is especially true of those visitors who win money, as the casino will hope that they come back sometime and end up losing it with them rather than a competitor. The most obvious example of this occurs in Las Vegas, where extravagant and luxurious casinos and hotel resorts vie with each other for custom.

All this however can be frustrating for individuals who wish to play more than one hand of blackjack at once. Fortunately though there is now no longer the need to visit a casino at 3am in the hope that it will be quiet, as the internet now allows people to play multiple hands of blackjack whenever they like, and with no worries that at any moment a pit boss will politely ask if they can stop and play just one hand.

Multi Hand Blackjack Online

Online multi hand blackjack allows individuals to play up to five hands at once against the dealer. Limits range from just £0.50, right up to the maximum of a possible £2,500 (£500 limit x five hands). With up to £2,500 at stake each time, this is truly high stakes blackjack for those looking to play multi hand blackjack for high limits. Don't be fooled by other internet blackjack games which offer high limits but compensate for it by offering reduced payouts for blackjacks; the payout at our high limit blackjack tables is the usual 3 to 2.

To get started playing multi hand blackjack for high limits or low, simply click on the "Enter Casino" button at the top of the page and visit the "Premium Blackjack" game option.

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