High Casino Jackpots do not Usually Equal High Winnings

Each time anybody plans a trip to Las Vegas, or indeed any other gambling destination, one thought which runs through their head is the dream of winning it big. Even those who have visited many, many times over the years and have probably left more money behind with the casinos than they have taken back home with them still dream each time of hitting that mega jackpot which will win them millions of dollars and transform their lives forever.

In reality, despite all the marketing and advertisements from the casinos depicting smiling people holding oversized checks with multiple zeros on the end, the odds of a person winning such a jackpot are extremely small.

High Reward Yet Low Chance of Winning

For one thing, a casino is not in the business of losing money, and giving out millions of dollars to everybody that comes through the door or plays online would very quickly end up in bankruptcy. This means that for every person that wins those giant jackpots, there are thousands more who not only do not win the jackpot, but must lose money to pay for that jackpot. If you didn't already feel resentful of that smiling jackpot winner before because of their newly-acquired wealth, it gets worse because you've actually paid partly towards it! Still, that is the nature of gambling, and the game we play when we chase those casino jackpots.

Slots are one of the best games for the casino

Another reason whilst these casino jackpots do not usually equal high wealth is because it is typically slot machines where these jackpots are to be found. It is well known that slots offer some of the worst odds for the player out of virtually all the casino games on offer, as is why many professional gamblers steer well clear not only of high stakes slots, but slot machines of any monetary denomination for that matter.

Casinos are well aware of the fact that many gamblers know the house edge is so great on slot games, which is why they go to great lengths to encourage players to spend their bankroll at these lucrative cash cows. An extremely effective tactic is to offer such extravagant jackpots. The overwhelming majority of casino patrons are by their very nature, greedy. They arrive with the intention of going back home with wallets and purses stuffed with bills, acquired whilst having fun rather than earned through the drudgery of their everyday jobs. As a result, an enticing jackpot of millions of dollars is almost guaranteed to get them to gamble a few dollars (and then some) in order to try and win it. Combine this with a progressive jackpot which slowly increases before their very eyes, and it is a powerful force not only to attract people to sit down and play in the first place, but also to spend 'just one more dollar...'.

Jackpots in other casino games

Progressive jackpots are not only limited to slot games now either. They are slowly being introduced into other games, often as a way of compensating for reduced odds which favour the house in the long run, even with paying out the occasional jackpot. For example, many Las Vegas casinos offer progressive jackpots of thousands of dollars on video poker games for those lucky enough to hit a royal flush, in order to smooth over the fact that the payouts for full houses and straights are less than great for a player to put it mildly.

Winning big with high limit roulette and blackjack

For those wishing to make a lot of money, or at least have a good chance of not losing it all to the casino, the traditional table games are still the best option. The house advantage for games such as roulette (especially the European version of roulette) or blackjack is still much lower than pretty much any slot machine you can find. This is why high stakes roulette or high limit blackjack is so popular amongst high roller gamblers as they stand a better chance of increasing their wealth, and reduce the speed with which large sums of money are lost to the casino.