Probability in Casino Gambling Games

Every game that can be played in a casino involves probability. When stripped down to its basic level, gambling involves a player betting that an outcome will or won't happen, and so will rely on probability to determine the outcome. Whilst for some casino games such as slots or roulette a player has no influence over the outcome (the ball will land on a particular number no matter what the player bets on or how much luck they hope their lucky underpants will bring) for many other games like blackjack and video poker the outcome will fluctuate depending upon the actions of the player.

Understanding Probability can Increase Overall Chances of Success

One of the ways in which a gambler can be successful in an online casino or indeed any type of casino or betting game is to understanding how odds and probability affect the outcome of the particular game they are playing. When playing on a slot machine, it will not base future results on previous outcomes (check to make sure the machine you are playing is in a well-regulated jurisdiction to ensure fair play!) This means that what has gone before will have no bearing upon the probability of future outcomes. However, when playing a game such as blackjack, previous actions will have a determining factor upon the future outcomes... at least until the shoe is changed! This is because blackjack will only use a pre-determined number of decks in a shoe, and so once a card of a particular value such as an ace has been used and then discarded, there is a lower probability or chance of a player receiving an ace in a subsequent hand. This forms the basis of card counting in blackjack which has often been used to great advantage by players in casinos all over the world.

Knowledge is power, and understanding exactly how games function will lead you towards becoming a better player and enjoying more success when playing casino games. This is particularly important when playing in a high stakes casino where there is a lot of money at stake and you need to play at your optimal best in order to maximise your chances of winning it big.