Selective Memory in Online Gambling

Selective memory is not just limited to online gambling, but also applies to many other different aspects of life such as stock market investing for example, and is where people remember the good outcomes but forget or dismiss the bad ones. When it comes to gambling, many players will remember the wins they have but try to forget about the losses they incurred in this or a previous session as it may be financially painful for them or they may feel embarrassed at losing. This has the downside of making them believe that they are winning money and increasing their wealth when in actual fact they are worse off overall.

High Rollers Need to Monitor Diligently

This situation is bad for anyone over the long-term, but can be particularly significant for those gambling online for high stakes as they can end up losing a large amount of money over time. Many players are unlikely to keep detailed and accurate records of their gambling wins and losses, and their casino deposits using a debit or credit card will be mixed in with the other financial transactions made using these cards, making it harder to identify all of their deposits made.

It is therefore important that players carefully monitor ALL of their wins and losses where online gambling is concerned, especailly when large amounts are involved, as players may be unpleasantly surprised to find out that instead of actually making money from casino games they are actually losing it. After discovering it, they may need to adjust their wagering behaviour to stay within their means and avoid running into financial difficulties.