Online Casino Reward Scheme

Not only do VIP members enjoy a number of benefits in the online casino, but everybody who plays will earn reward points each and every time they wager.

Every £10 you bet earns you 1.5 Comp Points. Every 150 Comp Points can be converted to £1. You can easily check how many Comp Points you currently have, and convert them into cash. Simply go to 'My Account' in the lobby and click on the Comp Points tab.

Why Offer a Reward Scheme?

Players are the lifeblood of any casino, whether it be an online casino, a small regional casino, or the largest casinos in the world such as those to be found in Las Vegas or in Monte Carlo. The house has an edge in virtually every casino game. This, coupled with the fact that most of the people playing will not have learned and be playing according to optimal mathematical strategy on those games such as blackjack which can be done so (as opposed to slots which are pure chance and the player cannot affect the outcome), means that the casino will want as many players as possible to be playing in it, as the more that are playing and in all likelihood losing money through not playing the games well results in a greater amount of revenue and profit for the casino.

So not only does a casino want to attract new players, it is also in its best interests to keep those players coming back to play again. Apart from providing players with a good experience and customer service, it can do this by offering reward schemes which reward the player according to how much he or she wagers with the casino. With this in place, a player will be much more inclined to choose that particular casino when they get the urge to play high stakes roulette or partake in a hand of blackjack for example.

What About Bonuses?

Bonuses too play a crucial part in player retention for online casinos. The bonus can come in many different forms, but the most common are those which give the player an additional percentage to their bankroll for the amount which they have just deposited via the online casino cashier, and allows the player to bet with more than they have just deposited.