Responsible Gambling at High Stakes

High Limit Online Casino Gambling

As described in our About Us page, High Stakes was created in order to provide those wealthy individuals a place where they can enjoy online casino games such as blackjack and roulette whilst wagering an amount of money that will actually mean something to them.

For any gambling session to be exciting, the game limits must be high enough to allow them the thrill of winning that can only come with the risk of losing a meaningful amount of money. For instance a player with a five-figure bankroll to play in the casino will not be too enthralled with having to play games with limits of, say, a hundred pounds. Instead, they will want to play high stakes roulette for large limits which are much more appropriate for their bankroll and the level of financial risk which they are comfortable with should they not win.

High Stakes Casino

Providing such a gambling opportunity is the intention of High Stakes, and is contrary to the first thought of most people when they hear the term "high stakes" in that it is for an amount of money that is over and above what would be comfortable for a person if they were to lose it. There are so many stories online and in the media about people gambling far too much or wagering large amounts of money on one spin of the roulette wheel that to many people the concept of high stakes gambling must somehow be a bad thing which leads all involved to financial ruin.

High stakes in our terms relates more to a large amount of money that whilst would prove extremely financially-damaging to the vast majority of people, would not cause great distress or much concern to a wealthy individual such as a millionaire.

This means that we do not wish to attract players who want to play games such as high stakes blackjack online because they want to risk all they have for the chance of winning big, but instead our site is aimed at those who do wish to wager large amounts but can comfortably afford to do so. Please only play the games for high stakes in the online casino if you can truly afford to do so.

It Doesn't Have to Be High Stakes Casino Play...

Everybody's definition of high stakes will differ, and whilst many will not want to play blackjack for &20,000 per hand or roulette for &40,000 per spin as they can in the live dealer casino, players can wager anything from 50p in low stakes roulette right up to those high limits mentioned above. So players of all financial backgrounds and statuses will be able to enjoy the real money games in the online casino at levels which are comfortable for them.

Responsible Gambling Means Playing to Your Means

Aside from learning how to play the casino games expertly to maximise your chances of winning, one of the key elements of successful gambling - whether in an online casino, betting on sports, playing poker, playing the lottery etc. - is proper bankroll management. History is full of examples of gamblers of all ages and abilities who have gotten into emotional and financial difficulties through gambling beyond their means.

Whether this is through trying to show off and impress others at the table, chasing losses in the hope of winning the money back, overestimating their own ability at a certain game or incorrectly believing they are experts at a certain skill such as counting cards in blackjack, or even just falsely thinking that today is their lucky day and that by betting more they will win more; the results are often the same.

Losing money is all part of the risk of gambling. Casinos are not charities dishing out free money; they will want the winnings they have to pay out to some players to be more than offset by the income they receive from others losing. This means that on many days you will not win. No matter how good you are, if luck is not with you that day then it is likely your bankroll will be smaller at the finish than it was when you started playing in the casino.

The key is to keep your losses small, which again is a subjective term. Rather than a specific figure, again this will depend upon the individual's financial circumstances and the amount of money they can comfortably afford to lose. Nobody can tell you how much is "acceptable", but to gamble responsibly it shout be an amount which:

  • a) Causes you no financial difficulties (i.e. you haven't gambled and lost the rent or food shopping money).

  • b) Does not cause serious emotional upset. Of course nobody likes losing money, so it is normal to feel disgruntled, but if it makes you feel angry (with yourself or others), worried or extremely unhappy, then that is a definite sign that you are gambling beyond your means.

    Not only is the amount of money an issue, but so too is the amount of time and frequency of bets and/or casino play. Even if you are breaking even (or winning for that matter), if you are missing work or not spending enough time with your family then that is another sign of addiction and a problem which needs addressing. Just because you are not losing money does not necessarily mean that you do not have a gambling problem.

    What To Do If You Are Worried About Your Gambling

    Although the signs above are indications that your gambling is too much, chances are that the damage has already been done if you are experiencing one or more of the above. Therefore it is by far more preferable to take proactive action before those problems occur.

    As well as friends and family members, there are numerous websites on the internet which provide valuable support and information for those who are worried that their gambling is becoming a concern. Examples include GambleAware which is an independent charity that not only provides support to those experiencing gambling problems but also aims to broaden understanding of gambling-related harm as a public health issue, and the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) which aims to prevent problem gambling.