What Do the Terms "High Roller" and "Whale" Mean and What Do They Look for in a Casino?

VIP players in a casino are known as high rollers or "whales".

You will find high rollers in casinos playing with thousands of pounds in a night. They play big in order to try and win big.

There are many advantages to being a high roller, including great compensation and lavish rewards. It is one of the most coveted accomplishments in the gambling world.

There are many definitions as to what a gambling ‘whale’ is. You cannot become a high roller simply by placing large amounts in a single session. Typically, a high roller places at least £100 on every hand when playing table games and £25 or more on slots spins.

Not all high rollers are created equal, since a player who places £1,000 on a bet and another who places £5,000 will all be considered high rollers. It is quite a subjective term, and quite often can depend on whether the amount is above average for what that casino usually sees from its players.

Casinos look to attract high rollers since they can add a significant amount to the casino’s profit should they lose. The following are some things high rollers look for in a casino:

A Line of Credit

Although a player may be a high roller and worth millions of pounds, they do not like carrying around large amounts of cash for security reasons in case it gets stolen or lost. Instead, they would rather find a casino that offers a line of credit, and settle the bill afterwards.

Casinos have to offer whales a line of credit or they risk only hosting small players. High rollers will often look for a casino offering them a substantial amount of credit that allows them to wager for the high stakes which makes the games interesting for them according to their wealth.

Though even the highest of rollers may only risk several thousand pounds, a line of credit is important. The higher the amount they bet, the higher their credit limit will typically need to be.

Luxury Rooms and Suites

One of the most requested perks by high rollers playing in a bricks and mortar casino is a luxury suite in the casino hotel. Many high rollers will often be offered the most luxurious of rooms by casinos to get them to play their games.

The penthouse suite at a casino’s hotel will almost always be occupied by a whale. The room will be covered by the casino itself.

Free accommodation of such quality, in which you are greeted and served by a personal butler and bottle of champagne, is a fantastic way to attract a high roller. It is evidence that a casino recognises their worth and will take active steps to get them to play at their casino.

Shows and Entertainment

Playing games at a casino is not all there is of the casino resort experience. Casinos in Las Vegas, Macao and other major destinations around the world often host the biggest entertainment shows. You will find boxing matches, burlesque dancing and concerts from famous headliners.

When you are a high roller, you are assured of VIP tickets to the best show a casino is hosting. Such perks are extremely hard to get anywhere else unless you are a celebrity or public figure.

Therefore, you will often find high rollers sitting front row at the most exclusive of events without paying or clamouring for tickets. It is one of the most exciting perks VIP players get.

Fine Dining

Another element you are assured of finding in large casinos is fine cuisine prepared by the best of chefs. It goes without saying that fine dining is a perk that any high roller would be glad to receive.

If you are betting big for the first time and are tagged a high roller, you can experience the most exquisite of dishes and since it is already paid for, you can feel free to indulge.

Fine dining also often accounts for drinks. You will find the most prestigious brands being served at high end casinos. As a high roller, you get to indulge in as much as you like, especially as the alcohol is likely to impair your ability to think as clearly and as calculated as normal when it comes to playing the casino games.

VIP Gambling Rooms

Most high rollers have been gambling for years and are pretty good at playing high limit casino games. Such players would like to avoid playing on regular tables where there are a lot of distractions and commotion.

Playing in a VIP gambling room also ensures players that they will be part of an exclusive table of similar players. Most high rollers look for casinos with dedicated VIP gambling rooms where they can play at their own pleasure with others of similar wealth and status.

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