Is Gambling all Bad? Benefits of Gambling

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Gambling has long been associated with negative outcomes in society. People associate it with idleness, a short cut to material gains, addiction, theft and wastage. Some even attribute decay in moral standards to betting.

However, there are numerous positive economic and social contributions to gaming. Online gaming companies have obligations to the community and the government to develop the areas they operate in. They are broadly categorised into political, social and economic benefits. This article will break down these benefits and quantify them based on their effects on the nation.

A List of Potential Benefits of Gambling


Just like other entertainment activities, gambling provides pleasure to the gamer. You use money to visit places, go to a stadium to watch a match, buy a movie ticket or travel. The enjoyment derived from these experiences can be compared to gambling. Being entertained is the expected result of spending. What you pay for is the thrill and randomness associated with gambling. However, gambling is not advised if you cannot afford it. Use only the money you are comfortable losing.

Revenue Earner for the Government

As part of registration and regulation, a percentage of net profits is given to the government as tax. Taxes can either be direct or indirect. Direct tax entails direct submission to the taxman while indirect is creating local economies which generate revenue that pay taxes to the authorities.

Employment Opportunities

Casinos need to employ people in order to operate. Customer service agents, publicists, marketing and actuaries form the bulk of the staff. Others are computer engineers, administrators and business developers. These opportunities have a direct impact on economic growth. Employment opportunities are also realised through online review platforms, content developers, gaming software providers, advertisers and many more. As a spillover, winners of lotteries and jackpots often go on to open businesses that employ more people.

New Income

Some people manage to make a living as a professional gambler. To them, gambling is a job and a casino is their place of work. It certainly won't be for everyone, but for those who manage it, this is a career and source of income which would not be available without casinos.

Gaming is concerned with probabilities. There are lucky gamers who win the jackpots. The monies run into millions and can be used in many ways to develop and improve lives. Of course, for evey person who wins a jackpot there are many others who don't. But for those that do, the money can be life-changing for the better.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Part of the profits accrued are spent on the development of social amenities. Other expenditures include funding less privileged organisations, charity activities and improving the state of sports in the country. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission get remissions from all gambling companies to publish materials on the effects of gambling. The people who benefit from such sponsorship are local communities.

Mental Development

To play at the casino, the mind develops some analytic tendencies. The moves one makes on blackjack, roulette or any video slot requires analysis. As the gamer’s experience grows with time, his or her brain continues to develop. Such traits are essential in the following ways, and are extremely useful in other aspects of life aside from gambling:

  • Stress management – gambling requires a tough skin. If you lose a bet, how you handle the situation over time improves stress management.

  • Performance evaluation – playing low-probability games requires analytic prowess. Before you decide on any casino game, you must have made a cautious evaluation. Such activities increase the chance of winning.

  • Reduce senility – With old age, the mind begins to slow down. Partaking in short-time evaluations and quicker resolutions increase the flow of blood into the brain. If such activities are done repeatedly over time, it reduces the chances of becoming senile in your old age.

  • Growth of Local Economies

    When a gambling shop, office or a gaming arena is opened somewhere, complementary services start forming around it. Casinos pull traffic toward them. This leads to the development of hotels for accommodation, arts and culture centres for tourists, fast food outlets, transport hubs and financial service providers. The arrangement forms a small economy around the casino. Money supply increases, infrastructure development is witnessed and living standards improve, not to mention the creation of extra jobs in the area.


    There is no denying that for some people, gambling, casinos and other forms of wagering have a significant negative influence on them, and it is important not to forget this. But it is also important to remember that this group is the minority, and that most people are able to gamble sensibly without it having an adverse affect upon them, as well as providing many benefits for the local and national economy.

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