Casinos and Roulette Wheel Bias

A closeup of a roulette wheel, table and chips in a casino

The past is no guarantee of the future results of upcoming roulette spins. Many players will believe they have a system which can beat the house at roulette, or that certain streaks i.e. consecutive past results can be used to predict the next number the ball will come to rest on.

However, the truth is that every spin of the roulette wheel has the same probability of landing on a certain number as it did in the previous spin, or the next one for that matter which will be more pertinent for players looking to win at roulette.

Roulette Wheel Bias in a Land-Based Casino

Some players in a bricks-and-mortar casino may also believe that either accidental or deliberate wheel bias has been introduced so that the ball has a greater chance of settling on some numbers than it does on others. Whilst roulette wheels are mechanical parts after all, casinos go to great lengths to ensure that their roulette wheels are free from any bias. Far from trying to cheat the players, any wheel bias would ultimately hurt the casino as people would soon cotton on to the situation and would take advantage of it for all it was worth by betting as high stakes as they felt comfortable with in order to benefit from the increased probability of a particular number or group of numbers coming up.

The same applies to live dealer casinos which are essentially bricks-and-mortar casinos operating via a video link that enable players to see the action taking place in terms of the wheel being spun and the ball settling on a number.

And whilst an online casino relies on a random number generator in its games, any deliberate or accidental flaw or bias in its programming would also allow players to take advantage of the increased potential for certain numbers to win.

So it is most definitely not in any type of casino's best interests to allow bias to interfere with the results of its roulette games. Not only this, but regulators in their various jurisdiction/base of operation will not approve their gaming license without the casino being able to satisfy stringent criteria for ensuring that all of their casino games, including roulette, were completely fair.

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