Why is Roulette Not a Popular Casino Game for Those Playing for High Stakes?

First off let's be clear; this article is not intended to dissuade you from playing roulette for high stakes, low stakes or indeed any other denomination of money. In fact, roulette is one of the most popular and enjoyable of the casino games available to play, especially as the general rules of roulette and how to play are relatively straightforward compared to some of the other games available out there. So please do not be put off playing the game of roulette as it is certainly an enjoyable game.

Playing Roulette in an Online Casino

Instead, the point of this piece is merely to inform as to why roulette is not a popular casino game for those playing for high stakes, or anyone who wishes to gamble professionally. This is because out of all of the casino games that a person can play, roulette is right up there with slots as the one with the biggest house edge, which means that more often than not over the long term the casino will take more money from the player than the player will win from the casino.

This is not to say that a player cannot do well from playing roulette; far from it. There have been many big winners playing roulette and just like any other gambling game a player with luck on their side can make a killing. However the reality is that over the long run a player will end up down. But the definition of a long run will be subject to much debate. If for example you wanted to play high stakes roulette and wagered a large amount and won, that one bet may be all you want to do and you walk away from the table a big winner, with the long term never coming into the equation! Until of course you play roulette again at some point in the future that is!

In reality pretty much every casino game favours the house to some extent, and so over the long term which from a player's point of view can be defined as their lifetime, or at least up until the last time they play in an online or bricks-and-mortar casino, a player will rarely come out on top over the casino. However, with disciplined play and choosing games such as blackjack and video poker which combine an element of skill and a low house edge, many people can and do come out quite nicely from gambling, with some even being good enough to turn professional and make a living out of it. As always though, ensure that you gamble responsibly and within your means, and be sure to check out our responsible gambling page for more on this.

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