Interesting Facts About Roulette and Why it is Sometimes Called the "Devils Wheel"

An expensive looking roulette wheel in a casino

Roulette has 36 numbers with, the addition of one or two zero pockets depending upon the version played. Roulette is one of the most popular of all casino games for the following reasons:

  • It is fun.

  • Anyone can learn how to play roulette fast.

  • You play against the house rather than other players.
  • Why is Roulette So Popular in a Casino?

    High stakes casino games are the main reason people like to gamble. The rush is incredible and the probability of reward is alluring.

    A high stakes casino will include games such as high stakes roulette, high stakes blackjack and high stakes slots. High stakes, in this case, means that they are high limit casino games. Players can risk amazingly vast amounts of money in a high limit online casino.

    Roulette is one of the most popular and oldest casino games, whose origin can be traced as far back as the 16th century. One of the reasons why high stakes roulette beats most other games is that it is very simple and involves a very high chance of reward.

    Another reason why high limit online roulette is often referred to as the queen of high limit casino games is that unlike some other games in the casino it is relatively easy to play whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gambler.

    Games such as high stakes blackjack are not as favoured by some players because they require repeated action for victory over a period of time to make a lot of money. In contrast, high limit online roulette only needs a single spin to spectacularly transform your wealth with a big win.

    Why is Roulette Sometimes Called the Devil's Wheel?

    After some time, roulette was popularly known as the devil's game. It earned the name due to its incredibly fast pace and popularity. Players got addicted to it and others though they acted like they were possessed.

    According to believers at the time, the mathematician who invented roulette negotiated with a demon to get some secrets to the game. Also, adding up the numbers on the wheel results in 666. According to the believers, 666 is a demonic number. It is widely known as the "mark of the beast". As many Christians know, the number 666 is rife with significance as it is stated to be the number stamped across the head of the Anti-Christ in Revelation. The sum of the numbers 1-36 is seen as physical evidence that roulette is the devil's wheel.

    Believers had other mathematical reasons to consider roulette demonic. For example, the sum of any three horizontal numbers on the roulette table is related to the number six. Adding 28, 29, and 30, for example, is 87. Adding eight and seven gives you 15, and 1+5 is six.

    It is the same case if you add any three diagonal numbers on the table. If, for example, you add 16, 14, and 12, the result is 42. 4+2 is the dreaded six.

    Whichever way you try to add numbers on the table, you are likely to get six.

    Since the inventor of roulette was a mathematician, he probably just decided to make a joke about it.

    The inventor of roulette believed that all humans are gamblers. According to him, most humans gamble their lives by believing in the existence or non-existence of God; it is the most important bet that humans can make. Even though he was a Christian philosopher, many players of his time thought of him and his invention as demonic.

    Even though there was some hearsay about roulette being demonic, it wasn't widespread until the magician Francois Blanc brought it to public attention. He talked about it in Homburg, Germany and then in Monaco at the Monte Carlo Casino. He fueled the rumour that Blanc had struck a deal with the devil to understand the secrets of Roulette. The rumour quickly spread worldwide.

    Other Interesting Things about the Roulette Wheel

    1. The Origin of Roulette

    There are many prevalent stories about the origin of roulette. However, two stand prominent among them.

    The first is that the game was inspired by the famous French scientist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal. It is stated that he tried to build a perpetual motion device and made one that was shaped like a little wheel. The name ‘Roulette’ is basically an adaptation of the French term ‘the little wheel’.

    The other famous roulette origin story is that it was adopted from a game known as Roly Poly. Roly Poly was a popular ball game in England in the 17th century, which was played using a spinning wheel with odd and even numbers.

    2. The Earliest Roulette Tables Had Two Zeros

    In the 1796 book, La Roulette ou le Jour, you will find the original description of the European roulette game. It clearly states that the earliest roulette wheel had two zeros on it.

    In the 20th century, the casino owners in Germany also adopted the double-zeroed roulette table in an attempt to attract roulette players from France.

    The strategy was to provide them with a version of roulette in which they had a higher chance of winning. The better odds are brought about by the extra zero.

    However, it was not successful and European Roulette developed to include one zero. The version of roulette with two zeros is now American roulette.

    3. You Can't Get an Edge

    There is no realistic way to get an edge in roulette through skill like you can in other casino games such as blackjack. This is, of course, unless there is some unintentional or deliberate bias to the roulette wheel itself.

    The most common way that players attempt to get an edge is by using a betting system that involves lowering and raising bet sizes depending on the previous results. However, the system is not always effective since previous results don't affect future results.

    4. Drinks aren't Allowed at the Table

    In other casino games such as baccarat and blackjack, players are allowed to have drinks on their tables. With roulette, it is highly discouraged and considered rude. Even when you are offered a complimentary drink, save it for later.

    However, if you want to enjoy a drink with your roulette game, you can do so by all means when playing at an online casino, as rules and etiquette are obviously quite different.

    5. The Numbers 17 and 22 are the Most Popular

    People who play games of luck always have superstitions, and those playing roulette are certainly no exception. Most roulette players like the numbers 17 and 22.

    17 is popular because it is centrally placed on the table, coupled with the fact that it is said to be James Bond's favourite number. Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United Football Club, reportedly won over a million pounds after staking £480K spread over several bets that revolved around 17.

    The number 22 also crops up in popular culture too. The reason the number is considered lucky is that it was betted on in famous casino movies "Indecent Proposal" and "Lost in America".

    The lucky numbers have no standing whatsoever in terms of being more likely to come up, but many gamblers repeatedly bet on them anyway believing them to be lucky.

    6. Einstein Tried to Beat the Game

    Over the years, there have been many players who have tried to outsmart the wheel. Many have studied it for any potential weakness. Even Albert Einstein tried to do it. He concluded that no player can beat roulette unless they steal the money from the dealer. However, certain players have managed to use illegal ways to beat the casino.

    7. Most Expensive Roulette Table

    There are outlandish things in the world of gambling. Stranger things happen with every passing year.

    One of the most outlandish things is the most expensive roulette table in the world. There are few things comparable in the world of gambling.

    The table is made from 14 kilograms of gold and silver. The table is currently priced at half a million dollars. The accessories and wheel alone cost almost $4,000.

    The table is a sight to behold and is rarely, if ever, played on. Only the highest of rollers have ever played on the table.


    For a long time, roulette has been considered the king of casino games. It is one of the most popular casino games for both online and brick and mortar casinos.

    To try your luck at online roulette today, simply click on the "Enter Casino" button at the top of the page to sign up for an account in minutes and get started.

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