Why Do People Play High Stakes Roulette If The House Edge Is So Bad?

Of all the casino games available to play, whether online or not, roulette is one of the worst to play in terms of the hefty house edge. This makes it more likely that the casino will win money from the player than the player will win from the casino, and is obviously not the best choice therefore for those whose primary goal for gambling is to make money, even if this is a financially dangerous and even the first sign of a gambling illness. Even so, many players will still play high stakes roulette online or in a bricks-and-mortar casino with the goal of winning large sums of money from it. This therefore begs the question as to why if the house edge is so bad for the player, why does anyone play roulette for high limits at all?

A Lot of People Do Win at Roulette

The answer is that even though statistically the odds are not in your favour when it comes to making money from roulette, some people will, and many more people try in the hope and dream of getting rich. Just as the odds of winning the lottery are statistically-horrendous, and in the long-run will end up costing most people more money on tickets than they receive back in winnings, millions across the globe still play the lottery week in, week out in the hope of striking it lucky and getting that grand payout. High stakes roulette is no different in that whilst the odds may not be great, there aren't many other games or circumstances out there in which a player can wager 20,000 and about ten seconds later receive back 700,000 (assuming a 35 to 1 payout on a single number roulette win). The attraction for high rollers, and even those playing roulette for low stakes, is obvious as betting on a single number and choosing the right one for the next spin of the wheel can transform even a modest stake into an enormous win. It must be remembered though that the chances of correctly guessing the number are small (1 in 37 on a European roulette wheel and 1 in 38 on an American roulette wheel), which means that in all likelihood dropping 20,000 on the table is much more likely to disappear into the casino's coffers in that ten seconds than transform itself into a big cash pile for you! Still though, high limit roulette has been played for decades before now by players looking to win it big, and is not likely to change anytime soon!

Are There Alternatives to Roulette for a Better House Edge?

There are better alternatives available than roulette for players who are looking for a lower house edge and therefore a better chance of actually winning money from the casino. Blackjack for one offers a lower house edge, and indeed all the games with the exception of slots offer much slimmer house edges. In fact, certain video poker games such as many versions of Deuces Wild video poker offer a payout above 100% when played according to perfect strategy, which means over a long period of time there is statistically more chance of the player coming out ahead! You will need to ckeck the payout table though, and of course, playing to perfect strategy is exceptionally hard if you are not a robot! Even so, the probability of coming out ahead is much greater with these casino games than it is with roulette or slots, so it may be worth spending more time with these games than sat at the physical or virtual roulette table.