Extremely High Limit Roulette by Special Request in Many Casinos

High stakes roulette players in a VIP room of a casino

Whilst it is different for an online casino in that they can operate tables which can accommodate players playing for limits of all stakes as there is no constraint of seat space as there is in a physical, bricks-and-mortar casino, when playing roulette for real in a casino the tables will often be grouped into two sections.

One section is what the casino considers low or general stakes. Whilst some of these amounts may seem sky-high and obscene for many players, the casino will not view it as such because it has other players whom for them these limits will be simply loose change and not what they are looking for to provide entertainment and that gambling thrill which only comes with the possibility of losing money.

A Player Looking to Wager Over the Maximum Limits will Require Special Permission

The other section is the high limit area where the minimum stake levels are large amounts which the majority of patrons in the casino could not even afford, nevermind feel comfortable with the possibility of losing. These areas are often more intimate and away from the general noise and bustle that is present with the more crowded general areas. High limit sections of casinos are not just reserved for roulette players; they also include high limit blackjack, baccarat and slot machines of larger denominations. Fancy spending £5,000 on one spin of the slot machine reel anyone?

But even the high limit areas of the casino will, as the name implies, have limits, not only minimums but also maximums. What then when a player is extremely rich and desires to wager more than the confines and constraints of even these higher-than-normal limitations? In this case, it will be at the discretion of the casino establishment itself as to whether they can further accommodate the wishes of its affluent patron. The larger the casino, and therefore the more cash reserves and the more tolerance for the risk of the player actually winning a large amount from them it can absorb, the more likely it is for them to agree to even higher limits than those present in the high stakes area of the casino.

So for example a person wishing to play extremely high limit roulette for stakes higher than the maximums imposed in the high stakes area will need to make a special request to the casino manager and partake in a private game, rather than the player being allowed to wager more whilst everyone else at the table has to stick to the published table limits. The same is true for games such as high limit blackjack which have been specially requested; it will be the player and the dealer alone at the table rather than a table with other players playing to different limits. Unless of course a second player also wishes to play for the same high limits and requests to join the game too! Depending upon the limits involved, one player may make a casino manager nervous in case they were to win, nevermind two of them!

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