How Roulette Has Been Revolutionised By The Internet and Computers

Casino chips on a computer symbolising online gambling

Not too long ago the only way a person could enjoy a game of roulette was by visiting a casino, exchanging real physical money at the cashier's window in exchange for chips, then sitting down at the roulette table and playing for real.

Whilst this is arguably still the most popular way of playing roulette, there is no doubt that the advent of the digital age, with the invention of computers and the internet, has not only brought roulette to a whole new audience, but has also changed the way many go about actually playing the game.

Online Roulette

The most obvious way in which roulette has been affected by the invention of the computer and by the internet is the ability to play roulette online. The creation of the online casino has enabled players to virtually instantaneously immerse themselves in a game of roulette without having a get dressed up and drive to a bricks-and-mortar casino as was the case only a couple of decades ago.

Not only is it more convenient, but online casino software guarentees players an instant seat at the virtual roulette table, which can often be a particular frustration of many gambling patrons who find that in a real casino there are only a limited number of seats available, all of which happen to be filled at peak times. In the same respect, it also means a roulette player can find a spare seat at a table for the stakes and limits which they want to play for. Almost as frustrating as not being able to sit at any seat is only being able to play for low limits when you actually want to play roulette for a much higher upper limit where the stakes are not so restricting that you feel you cannot gamble enough money to experience the thrill of wagering. With an online casino, players can enjoy roulette for their chosen maximum and minimum bet amounts at any time of the day or week.

Live Dealer Online Roulette

Whilst online roulette gained exceptional popularity through casino software which became increasingly immersive and visually-appealing as household internet speeds increased, these same speeds allowed live dealer roulette to become a reality. This works by a live video feed of an actual roulette wheel being spun dictating the results, rather then a Random Number Generator (RNG) performing the task. This would have been unthinkable only a few years ago as the slow internet speeds experienced by most would have resulted in an offputtingly-slow visual experience as receiving the large amount of data required for viewing the live feed took a long time. Not only would it have been slow, but it would have likely prevented players from taking action in time to place their desired bets before the wheel was spun again.

Playing roulette for high stakes over the internet relies to a large extent upon trust. Whilst reputable online casinos may have had sohisticated Random Number Generators which allowed for fair and unbiased roulette games, many potential players were still naturally and unsurprisingly wary, especially if it was with an online casino provider which was not so well known. With live dealer online roulette though gamblers can play roulette for high stakes with confidence as they can see the physical wheel turning via the live video link, allowing them to see where the ball lands and not having to rely solely upon what the computer tells them the result is as to which number has come up after being chosen by the software.

Machine Bets

Although computers have had their biggest influence in allowing people to play roulette online through an internet casino, computer technology has in fact had an affect upon roulette games in land-based casinos also in the form of electronic betting terminals. These actually work in virtually the same way as a live dealer online roulette game, only instead of the wheel being hundreds or thousands of miles away, it is actually in the same room only a few feet away, but the video link and synchronised betting terminals mean that more people can bet on the results of that one wheel than could otherwise fit around the table.

Traditional roulette tables can only accommodate a certain number of people as each player has their own coloured chips so that the croupier can identify who to pay winnings to after each spin of the wheel. By introducing these roulette terminals, casinos can now enable more players to gamble on the spin of a single roulette wheel, which will not only keep their patrons happy as they are more likely to find a seat upon which to sit, but should also boost their profits as roulette is one of the most lucrative of casino games for the house.

Playing High Stakes Roulette Alone on the Internet

An online casino where a player can wager for high limits allows a person to play their favourite casino games such as roulette for high stakes quickly and conveniently without having to seek out and find a casino in their current location, which can be particularly difficult if they happen to be travelling and just fancy a game.

Being able to log-in via the internet to an online casino affords them the luxury of being able to play a game such as blackjack or roulette for high limits virtually instantaneously with the minimum of fuss or time-consuming inconvenience.

A Lonely Experience?

Some people may argue though that it can be a fairly lonely experience playing roulette against what is essentially just a computer program with a random number generator generating the results. They miss the experience of other players at the roulette table, chatting to them, watching them win or lose with each spin of the wheel, observing their elation or disappointment at the outcome of where the little white ball lands.

What online roulette on your own does allow you to do though is play the game much faster as you do not need to wait for all the other players to decide on their bets and for the croupier to call no more bets and spin the wheel. In individual online roulette a player simply chooses their numbers, or even clicks a single button to repeat their previous bet, and then clicks to "spin" the virtual wheel and generate the result. This can lead to a less frustrating game as there is no waiting around for other players, although at least in roulette the croupier will announce no more bets to hurry players along, whereas in a game like blackjack other players have no set time limit in a physical casino and can often be infuriatingly slow in making a decision regarding how to play their hand and proceed.

A Disadvantage of High Stakes Roulette Alone Online

A quicker game can also mean though that a player burns through their bankroll for the session far more quickly than they would by playing at a slower speed where they have to wait for others. Obviously an issue in any casino, whether online or not, it can be a particular concern in a high limit online casino as an extremely large amount of money can be lost in a short space of time if a player is not careful and disciplined with their wagering amounts.

Which Type of Roulette Does the High Stake Player Prefer and Why?

Roulette is an interesting yet simple game. It is a popular option for high limit online casino players. There are a few types of roulette that high rollers prefer. In most gambling sites in the United Kingdom, you have a choice over your betting limits. VIP players have more options.

If you wish to play high stakes casino games, roulette is one of your best options. High stakes roulette allows players to bet big and come with juicy bonuses.

High Stake Roulette Types

1. French Roulette

French roulette is a popular choice for high rollers. It is popularly known as the queen of casino games. French roulette has a different table layout from other roulette variations. The house edge is 1.35%. It is played on the standard wheel with 37 divisions. It has the numbers 0 and 1 to 36.

French roulette is great for players who like to place even bets because there is a chance of half the bet being returned. This variation of roulette gives you more chances to play and win. You also enjoy plenty of betting options.

French Roulette

2. European Roulette

Statistically, playing European roulette gives you better chances of winning than other roulette variations. If, for example, you place a bet on one number, the chances of it coming up are 2.70%, which is higher than with other roulette variations. There are different ways to place a bet and the winnings depend on how you bet. Playing with a high stake increases the thrill of the game and promises higher winnings. You also have the chance of betting on several numbers.

European Roulette

3. American Roulette

American roulette is very similar to European roulette, only an American roulette wheel has an extra pocket in the form of the double zero (00). As there is one additional option for where the ball can land, it makes it a little less likely that a player will choose the correct number. Consequently, the house edge is a little bit higher. Great for the casino itself, but not great for the players!

American Roulette

4. Multiplayer Roulette

High stake roulette players enjoy multiplayer roulette. It gives the feeling of playing in a real casino without the inconvenience of visiting one. You get to bet at the same time with other players on the same table. Since high stake players can be competitive, they enjoy seeing how much others are winning and interacting with them.

The interactive nature of this roulette version is one of its best features. You get the chance to take advantage of the strategies of other players.

5. Multiwheel Roulette

Multiwheel roulette is good for high stake players because it spreads out your chances of winning. It allows you to play on several roulette wheels at the same time. Playing on many wheels simultaneously increases the chances of your number coming up. The number of wheels you play on influences your bet. High rollers have the chance to get big winnings. This version of roulette is similar to European roulette and playing it is easy. You can play neighbours' games and use ‘call bets’, which are groups of bets that are predetermined to give specific win levels.

High Limit RNG vs. Live Dealer Games

Online roulette games are usually computer-based. They use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to establish the result of every spin. Live dealer roulette games, on the other hand, involve a real human croupier spinning the wheel.

RNG tables are typically not appropriate for high rollers as most of them may have low betting limits. Live dealer tables usually allow higher limits. However, if you are willing to spend some time researching, you can find RNG roulette games with impressive limits.

RNG games offer more speed than live games. Players don’t need to wait for anyone to place a bet.

When trying to choose between RNG and live dealer roulette, the answer depends on what is important to you. The benefits of live dealer games include the following:

  • You get to enjoy the experience of playing in a real casino.
  • The maximum betting limits are high.
  • They are thrilling and create a feeling of luxury.

  • Conclusion

    High stakes roulette can be fun for anyone. It is great for both new and experienced players. Even though there are lots of high limits casinos, new players must experiment with a few casinos before committing to one. Since you will be spending a lot of money, it is important to be sure that your money is safe. Certain roulette versions may be more appropriate for high limit players than others.

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