High Stakes Roulette and Betting Types

As in all casino games, the higher a player wagers the greater the potential payout if they are fortunate enough to win. This is certainly true when playing high stakes roulette as not only will the amount of your wager be a determining factor in the level of your payoff, but so too will be the odds of the type of bet you place on the roulette table.

The paragraphs below look at two of the most common roulette betting scenarios for both high rollers and those playing low stakes roulette:

Stick it all on black

The best odds on the roulette table are also the simplest. These take the form of red or black, and odd or even. Not only are they attractive for beginners or novice players who have not acquainted themselves with the various more complicated roulette betting types such as a street or line, but they also provide the best chance of winning in that barring the ball landing on 0 or 00 (if playing with an American wheel) the winning number will be one or the other.

This high chance of success does however come with the drawback of being the lowest payout. These bets pay 1:1, otherwise known as evens, which means if you win you will double your money by having your original stake returned and receiving winnings of the same amount. Many gamblers will view this as quite a good return for such a short period of time, with many stock market investors wondering why they wait months or even years to double their money when they could have otherwise put it all on red or black at the roulette table and got an instant result! It can be particularly lucrative for those playing for high stakes in the casino as a bet on red of say £10,000 can earn them an instant profit of £10,000 if they win, although they could lose it if lady luck was not smiling upon them for that particular spin and the result was black or one of the zero numbers.

The all or nothing

No matter if you're playing in an online casino, a bricks-and-mortar casino or are enjoying watching the action in a live dealer casino unfolding before your very eyes, just about every player gravitates towards the high risk high reward strategy. In roulette, the highest rewards come with the lowest probability, which is choosing the right number bang on the nose. If you are lucky enough to guess correctly, the payout ratio is 35:1, which means you receive your original stake back plus 35 times the amount. If you are playing for high stakes, this can be a serious amount of money, for that same £10,000 bet on the winning number would see your £10,000 returned, along with a colossal £350,000 in winnings!

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