High Stakes Roulette Players and Systems

The question of whether systems and strategies are of any use is one which rages amongst high stakes roulette players as well as those playing for low limits. Whilst some will swear by their way of playing and will not deviate from it, there are others who are of the opinion that where the ball lands on a roulette wheel is entirely random and independent of any previous goings on, so in fact any way of predicting the outcome is totally useless.

Should High Stakes Roulette Players Use Systems?

This is one of those questions in which different players will have contrasting opinions, but that it would not be right for a person to try and tell another roulette player what to do or how to play the game of roulette. Whilst roulette results are independent of each other and are not influenced by previous outcomes unlike a casino game such as blackjack where the previous cards used up affect the outcome of the next ones, this does of course assume that there is no unintentional bias in the roulette wheel itself. Of course this will not be an issue when playing in a reputable online casino where the results are generated randomly by the computer, but even so many players will still rely upon systems to help them try and win at online roulette.

The Dangers of Systems in High Limit Roulette

If the position is taken that betting systems are ineffectual for improving the odds of winning at roulette, then it is true that some can also be extremely damaging to a player's bankroll when playing roulette for large amounts. For example, the Martingale roulette system where a player doubles their wager after each losing spin of the wheel can soon completely wipe out a player's blankroll and use up all of the money they had for their casino session if they get a run of losing spins after starting with a large bet, as they will be forced to keep doubling this already large amount, soon reaching a point where the amount is far in excess of the bet size with which they feel comfortable about losing. In this situation, gambling is no longer an enjoyable pastime.

So whether playing high or low stakes roulette, but particularly high stakes, systems and strategies can not only be ineffectual in their intended purpose of being successful at winning money from the roulette table, but can actually achieve the opposite effect by being extremely damaging to a player's wealth and bankroll.

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