Roulette Betting Systems Versus Higher Probability Bets

We have already seen in the articles "High Stakes Roulette Players and Systems" and "High Stakes Roulette and Strategies" that systems and strategies are of little use when it comes to successfully predicting the outcome of where the ball will land on a spin of the roulette wheel, and can in fact be damaging to both the finances and the enjoyment of a casino patron. But are their any strategies with regards to roulette that will improve the chances of winning real money?

Unfortunately the game of roulette is one of the worst casino games which a person can play if they want to actually walk away with more money than they started with. This is due to the hefty house edge which the casino enjoys in comparison to other games such as blackjack and video poker. Not only is it a large advantage in a game of European roulette, but is even bigger in the American version, more information on which can be found in the page entitled "Play the European Version when Playing High Stakes Roulette".

This is not to say that people never win money at roulette; far from it. They do, for if nobody ever won then nobody would ever play the game; just that statistically over the long run a player will nearly always end up giving more money into the casino's coffers than they win from them, which is why professional gamblers generally steer clear of roulette when they rely upon income generated from their casino playing activities.

Why Higher Probability Bets are Better than Systems

Despite how much you enjoy playing roulette, the reality is that if you are in a real casino or an online casino to win money then it may be wise to give the roulette table a wide berth and play a game like blackjack where the odds are more in your favour when played according to a specific strategy. Relying on strategy for a game of pure chance like roulette is far from an effective tactic.

That said, if you do play roulette, a better strategy for managing your money more effectively, even if this means simply making it last longer for the night, is to wager it on outcomes which have a higher probability of occurring, such as an odd/even bet or red/black. Whilst the payout return may be far from spectacular, you stand more chance of retaining your money and hopefully coming out a little bit ahead than you would do if you constantly chased after the low probability but high reward betting options such as the single spot numbers. For more information on roulette betting types please click here.

Who knows though, you may get lucky, and if you are interested in high stakes gambling then chances are you like to take a risk or two. After all, that is the very essence of gambling: taking a risk for the potential reward. This should always still be within your financial means to absorb any losses though.

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