A High Limit Online Casino and Minimising House Edge

In some casinos, especially those located in a gambling resort such as the Las Vegas Strip, only those playing for high stakes - or at least higher limits than many people would like to play for - will be able to access the tables with the favourable house rules. For example the game of blackjack in Las Vegas Strip casinos can have a whole host of different rule variations such as only paying 6 to 5 on blackjacks instead of the more traditional 3 to 2, which can have serious implications for the chances of a player coming out ahead in terms of winning money from the casino.

The Lower the House Edge, the Greater the Potential for Profits

These rule variation can turn a house edge which is already favourable for the casino into one which is extremely generous in their favour; so much so that many people will simply stay away from these blackjack games at all costs, even if they cannot get a seat at their table stakes of preference and have no other alternative with regards to playing blackjack at that moment in time. Fortunately though in the vast majority of high limit online casinos there will always be the option for high limit gamblers and low stakes players alike to play blackjack or other casino games for the stakes and limits which they desire, and with a better house edge for the player. Even low limit gamblers can play games such as blackjack for the most favourable terms insofar as minimising the house edge.

As far as odds are concerned though, playing games like online roulette will not change the odds depending upon how much money is being wagered on each spin of the wheel. Whilst casinos enjoy high limit players playing roulette because of the already favourable house edge, this is further enhanced when players are forced to play American roulette which features an additional number in the form of a double zero as opposed to European roulette which does not have this and so slightly improves the chances of a player winning. In a number of casinos, again predominantly on the Las Vegas Strip, low stakes roulette bettors can only play the American version, with the European wheel only being available to high limit gamblers in order to try and encourage players to wager more money.

The sheer variety of games and in particular those with a low house edge such as blackjack that are present in an online casino means that playing online can often be far more preferable than gambling a "real casino" where availability may be an issue for players according to whether they wish to gamble for high stakes or low values. The availability, combines with favourable rules for high limit and low limit players alike, often make an online casino the better option if winning money is a priority over other reasons for gambling such as savouring the atmosphere that is present in a casino resort or being able to show off in front of other people because you are able to wager more than them.