Betting Large Amounts on Roulette

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Roulette is probably the most iconic of all casino games, with the roulette wheel often symbolising casinos and gambling. This status comes from its popularity, brought about by its history (the modern version of roulette can be traced back over 250 years, with similar games far earlier), its simplicity to learn, and the potential for big wins in an instant. We will look at these features which make roulette so popular in more detail below, but needless to say betting large amounts on roulette games and playing for high limits is a common sight in both land-based casinos as well as online casinos.

Can Playing High Stakes Roulette Make Me Rich?

Before we get into even attempting to answer the question of whether playing high stakes roulette can make you rich, it is necessary to point out that anyone viewing gambling as a means of making money is often doomed to fail and is even a sign of a gambling addiction. Betting, wagering and gambling should first and foremost be viewed as a form of entertainment, with winning money seen as an added extra. Just as with other forms of entertainment such as the cinema, restaurant meal or concert ticket, your stake money should be seen as the price you pay for enjoying the entertainment. If you cannot bear the thought of walking away from an online casino or physical gambling or betting establishment having lost this money, then you should not risk it.

High Stakes Roulette Winners and Losers

The truth is that high stakes roulette can make you rich... but it can also make you poor. There is no denying that wagering big in a game of online roulette or in a casino and having the ball land on the number(s) that you have chosen can reward you with a large sum of money in winnings. However, whilst this is the ultimate dream for those playing roulette, the majority of players will find that in actual fact they end up leaving the casino with less money than they started out with.

For one thing, the game of roulette is actually one of the worst for the player and subsequently one of the best for the house, as the hefty house edge on the game of roulette, particularly the American version with the double zero on the wheel, means that over the long term the casino is statistically more likely to take more money from the player then the player wins from them.

So for anyone looking to get rich from a casino, roulette is one of the worst game choices to make and is a reason why the vast majority of professional gamblers and high stakes bettors stay away from roulette altogether, or just wager low limits as a brief distraction from their other more profitable games such as blackjack for instance.

Virtually All Casino Games Have a House Edge

Even though blackjack has a much lower house edge and gives players a better chance, with the possible exception of some forms of video poker the reality is that all casino games are slanted slightly in favour of the casino so that over the long run they are more likely to come out ahead. Sure there are winners, often many big winners; and these are in fact good for the casino as they want to attract more players by being seen to pay out large sums of money.

But not only will there be more losers than winners, the casino knows that over time the odds are in their favour, and even those who do win large sums of money and become rich at the roulette table will often try and win even more and end up giving most if not all of their winnings back to them eventually.

Remember Gambling Should be Fun!

So whether playing roulette and other casino games for high stakes or low stakes, never set out with the sole intention of making money or becoming rich from them, as you will often end up disappointed, both emotionally and financially.

Playing High Limit Roulette

As with other casino games such as blackjack, there will be a tremendous amount of choice regarding both the table limits and the version of the game. Whilst blackjack has variations like Spanish 21 or blackjack with different payout ratios for attaining a blackjack (which has a big impact on the house edge incidentally), there are also different versions of the game of roulette, again with varying house edges which will impact the profitability for the player.

The most common roulette games are listed below. Please click on a title to find out more about each one:

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • 3D Roulette (obviously only available online... although technically playing physical roulette in a bricks-and-mortar casino will be in 3D providing you have two eyes!

  • Each game will have different rules, quirks, strategies, house edge and probabilities. Consequently it is imperative that the player understands the rules and can therefore play to their full potential. Winning money in a casino can be difficult enough without giving money away to the house unnecessarily.

    Roulette Table Limits

    Not only will the various roulette games have different rules and optimal strategies, but table limits will vary considerably even in the same casino. It is important that players find a table with maximum limits which still excite them and are meaningful to them according to their level of wealth, but also minimum bet levels with which they feel comfortable wagering for each spin of the roulette wheel. As with all gambling, meaningful amounts of money make the game more exciting but should never cause the individual financial distress were they to lose it all to the casino. Remember to stop when gambling is no longer fun.

    Table Limits Within the Same Game

    Whereas blackjack will have simple table limits, i.e. a minimum and a maximum bet amount which needs to be placed at the start of a hand, roulette is slightly different in that whilst there will be a minimum and a maximum bet amount for that particular table, there is likely to also be a limit on the different types of bets available. With inside bets and outside bets on offer, players may have to make the table minimum for each type of bet, rather than put half the minimum on each so that it totals the minimum amount required.

    Whilst the overall premise of roulette is simple, the variety of betting options, and the subsequent minimums and maximums which need to be adhered to, can put off many newcomers to the game of roulette who do not wish to do something wrong and feel embarrassed at the table. In reality though, most roulette players will be friendly and likely to be just as unsure as you, particularly if you are playing low stakes roulette with others who are just learning the game too.


    The term "large amounts" will be relative to the individual player's wealth and financial circumstances, as £1,000 a spin on roulette for instance will mean much less to a millionaire than it will to somebody who is not. It is up to each person to determine before they start playing in the casino what limits they feel comfortable with and how much they would be willing to lose should their gambling luck desert them.

    Roulette is an extremely popular game which is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. It can be played for low limits or extremely high stakes, sometimes far in excess of the public table limits advertised by the casino at their discretion if a high roller requests it.

    To find out more about the online roulette games on offer for high stakes, please click on the "Roulette" tab at the top of the page. Or to get started straight away, just click on the "Enter Casino" button beneath those tabs.

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