Playing High Stakes Roulette Alone on the Internet

An online casino where a player can wager for high limits allows a person to play their favourite casino games such as roulette for high stakes quickly and conveniently without having to seek out and find a casino in their current location, which can be particularly difficult if they happen to be travelling and just fancy a game. Being able to log-in via the internet to an online casino affords them the luxury of being able to play a game such as blackjack or roulette for high limits virtually instantaneously with the minimum of fuss or time-consuming inconvenience.

A Lonely Experience?

Some people may argue though that it can be a fairly lonely experience playing roulette against what is essentially just a computer program with a random number generator generating the results. They miss the experience of other players at the roulette table, chatting to them, watching them win or lose with each spin of the wheel, observing their elation or disappointment at the outcome of where the little white ball lands.

What online roulette on your own does allow you to do though is play the game much faster as you do not need to wait for all the other players to decide on their bets and for the croupier to call no more bets and spin the wheel. In individual online roulette a player simply chooses their numbers, or even clicks a single button to repeat their previous bet, and then clicks to "spin" the virtual wheel and generate the result. This can lead to a less frustrating game as there is no waiting around for other players, although at least in roulette the croupier will announce no more bets to hurry players along, whereas in a game like blackjack other players have no set time limit in a physical casino and can often be infuriatingly slow in making a decision regarding how to play their hand and proceed.

A Disadvantage of High Stakes Roulette Alone Online

A quicker game can also mean though that a player burns through their bankroll for the session far more quickly than they would by playing at a slower speed where they have to wait for others. Obviously an issue in any casino, whether online or not, it can be a particular concern in a high limit online casino as an extremely large amount of money can be lost in a short space of time if a player is not careful and disciplined with their wagering amounts.

Live Dealer Roulette

What can slow the game down for those playing online roulette is to indulge in a game of live dealer roulette where other players need to make decisions, and the person can see the ball landing for real. Those wishing to play for high limits can do so in this format too with limits of up to £3,000 per spin in certain games of high stakes live dealer roulette so high rollers can enjoy this version of online gambling too should they so wish. Simply lick here to visit the live dealer casino section for more information.